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Change Your Life With 30th Anniversary Special

Last Updated on January 1, 2014.

Martial Arts Program Stands Test of Time

Tiger Schulmann has reason to celebrate in 2014. It was thirty years ago when the then 21 year old Martial Arts Champion opened up his first school! Fast forward three decades and one has turned into 47. His very first student has now been joined by over 130,000 others who have taken advantage of the many benefits Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has to offer.

This January we are celebrating this amazing accomplishment by giving our newest students a great reason to get started. Each student who registers in January will receive a FREE month of Kickboxing!

Get started with a free pair of training gloves and a free one hour class to see how Tiger Schulmann’s can help you. Whether you’re one of the millions of American’s looking to lose weight and get in shape this New Year’s, or you’re a parent looking to help your child’s focus, Self-Confidence and Discipline, now is the perfect time to try the most successful Martial Arts program in the world!

Adult Kickboxing Gets Students in Best Shape of Their Lives


I love class, I absolutely love it. Sensei (James) Garzillo is an amazing instructor, he’s very knowledgeable. He not only teaches amazing kickboxing classes, he taught me what to eat and what not to eat. He taught me how to cut down my portions. It changed my life.”

Wilborn Shows off 60 pound weight loss with one of his idols, Sensei Lyman Good!
Wilborn Shows off 60 pound weight loss with one of his idols, Sensei Lyman Good!

– Terrell Wilborn, Student at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Abington lost 60 pounds!

I am no longer a diabetic as of 8 months ago. I am no longer a smoker as of 4 years ago. I no longer view it as the chore of both diet and exercise, but more of a lifestyle… I won my life back!”

ramsey– Eleanor Espiritu

These are just two of the thousands of Adult students who have used Tiger Schulmann’s unparalleled Kickboxing program to finally win their battle to stay in shape! You too can see how getting in the best shape of your life can be fun at the same time!

Self-Discipline and Self-Defense Build Self-Confidence

Don’t think for a second that Martial Arts has stopped being a huge benefit to Kids as well. For hundreds of years young students have benefited from the improved focus and Confidence of Martial Arts training. Tiger Schulmann’s has perfected this process over the last 30 years, providing a home to kids who learn Self-Discipline and how to stop Bullying!

Finally I have found a place that my son not only feels that he belongs in, but a place where we have gained family. Signing my son up for Tiger Schulmann’s was the best decision that I have made for my son.

1452388_3607493642618_1865775438_n-223x300-tn– Andrea Search, Mother of Alex Age 10  Student at TSMMA Allentown

They have both become more self assured and confident in themselves. My oldest stood up to a bigger and older kid in summer camp that was trying to bully him. He wouldn’t let that boy get one over on him. That was a direct result in his training.”


– Paola Weaver, Mother of TSMMA Tampa students Preston and Peyton

Don’t waste another year wondering how your family is going to achieve all it’s goals! Click here to start your first FREE Class.  See what over 100,000 members have learned in the last 30 years, when it comes to Martial Arts training, Tiger Schulmann’s is the place to be!