Last Updated on December 1, 2012.

Combat at the Capitale 29 Results – TSMMA Goes Undefeated

11/30/12 – NY, NY

Missael Sanchez (TSMMA Manhattan) vs  Josh Cunningham (Eternal Martial Arts) 140lb – 145lb

Bout scratched due to Cunningham coming in severely over weight. Tough Break for Sanchez as he trained hard and was ready for his debut.


Malik Blake (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Adam Silva (Camp Malitia) – 165lb – 170lb

Blake wins via unanimous Decision – 30 X 26.

Impressive Debut performance for Blake.


Rachel Kendall (TSMMA Cherry Hill) vs Jessica Palencar (Coalition Fight Team) – 135lb – 140lb

Kendall wins via unanimous Decision – 30 X 25.

Kendall continues to improve every time she enters the ring


Mike Trizano (TSMMA Ramsey) vs Norzeus Paterson (Volfson MA) – 150lb – 155lb

Trizano wins via decision 29 – 28.

Now 7 – 0 in competition, Trizano had a very successful 2012 demonstrating tremendous growth throughout the year. Look for continued success in 2013, and a possible MMA bout in the future.

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