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Confidence from Kids Martial Arts Deters Bullying

Last Updated on September 18, 2014.

Introduce your Child to an Amazing Kids Martial Arts Program!  Put an end to Bullying Today.

Animal or human predators alike both go after easy targets, not one that will fight back

Did you ever watch one of those nature shows on TV where you see the lion going after the defenseless zebra or gazelle as prey? Ever stop and wonder why you never see the video of the lion hunting a tiger? The answer is simply, you never will. All predators hunt smaller weaker prey, those that are somewhat vulnerable or an individual that is singled out away from the herd.

Kids Martial Arts will put an end to Bullying
A bully always looks for someone he thinks is weaker to pick on

“….A bully isn’t going to pick on a kid that is going to fight back, he too will look for someone vulnerable…”

Animals and people are very similar in that we can both read the body language and fear levels in others. A lion knows that if it attacks another predator, it may have a chance to win the fight, but it will most likely get injured in the conflict. They would rather prey upon a less formidable animal that doesn’t have the ability to fight back. Much like the guy that’s looking for trouble at a club won’t go pick a fight with the 6’8?, 275lb bouncer, he will more likely look for someone that he thinks he can handle.

Tiger Schulmann’s MMA teaches kids martial arts in a safe and controlled environment for 30 years

Confident kids don’t get bullied, this is a fact! At Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne, kids are taught the skills necessary to know exactly what they need to do in any type of self defense situation, even against a bigger, stronger attacker. Children who know how to defend themselves through kids martial arts classes are less scared to stand up for them self when verbal bullying starts. Kids that don’t know how to defend them self, will likely allow verbal bullying to persist, and this will eventually lead to the situation escalating to physical violence.

Kids Martial Arts
Focus and Discipline will help kids learn much faster

Give your child the self esteem necessary to hold their head up high at school and not fear a potential bully

Back to school is upon us, and most parents want to make sure their child has confidence and self esteem when they ride the bus and walk the school hallways this year. Whether your child has had issues in the past with dealing with any type of bullying or if you just want to make sure that they won’t have to… then now is a perfect time to try out a free class at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA of Wayne.

Kids martial arts classes will teach self defense and build confidence
Kids building confidence.


I personally teach each class and make sure your child has an amazing and safe journey towards learning how to defend them self.

As the head instructor my job is to teach your child everything they need to know to be able to walk down the hall at school with their head held up high! Kids are taught the basics first, and once proficient, they are introduced to more hands on self defense. At Tiger Schulmann’s we have this process of teaching kids how to defend them self down to a science! We’ve been teaching kids martial arts for 30 years now.


An After School Program That’s More Than Just Fun!

There are lots of different after school programs to choose from out there. You could put your children in basketball or kickball for example, and it can be fun, but will activities like that help them in other parts of life, like school?  Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts is not only fun, but it will teach your child how to excel in everything that they do.

Parents and teachers always want kids to pay attention, but they never teach them how. Here kids will learn how to pay attention through discipline. We teach self-discipline in a three step process:

1) We create a disciplined atmosphere for them to learn in, similar to the military but fun.

2) We explain what the word discipline means, tell them stories and teach them important lessons about the non-quitting spirit and never giving up no matter how hard something gets.

3) We encourage to work through obstacles and challenges showing them how to apply these new abilities until they can do it on their own.

Put an end to bullying through Kids Martial Arts
Give your kids the gift of CONFIDENCE through learning real martial arts.



Through the process of teaching kids martial arts in this manner kids learn to understand and use self discipline to accomplish many things.  All of these achievements lead to confidence.  Confidence is the goal of any kids martial arts program, because confident kids are happy kids!

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