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Consistency: The essential ingredient for success

Last Updated on August 15, 2012.

Consistency: The essential ingredient for success

By: TSMMA Chalfont

We can probably all agree that consistency is the most important part of any kind of physical conditioning program.  No matter how good the results could be they won’t happen unless you actually do the exercise regularly.

Most people work out at gyms for the results they can gain.  The actual workout, for most, is not intriguing or mind stimulating, or to put it plainly, it’s boring! That’s why two thirds of the people who join a gym quit within the first six weeks.  We consider going to the gym a one-dimensional workout, done purely for results.

Some people choose to do a sport as an exercise.  Not only do we get results, but we also enjoy the exercise.  More people will stick to an activity such as this.  The results you get however can be limited or specific to the sport you play.  For example, playing tennis can build good cardiovascular conditioning, but focuses any muscular development to only one side of the body.  Flexibility is also often neglected.  We consider playing a sport a two-dimensional work out because it involves getting results and enjoying the activity.

Tiger Schulmann’s MMA is considered a three-dimensional workout.  We get results, incorporating all three aspects of physical conditioning.  We enjoy the workout, always learning new techniques and improving those we previously learned.  And finally, we learn a life skill.  We learn self-defense a skill that will empower us on a daily basis even after the workout is over.  When a workout is three dimensional it is easy to be consistent.

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