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Courage From Karate Overcomes Mountains

Last Updated on September 15, 2014.


Our 6 year old daughter Zoe started taking classes at Tiger Schulmanns Karate about 8 months ago. Zoe has always been very small for her age and only weighed a little over 3 pounds when she was born. Most people including kids her own age think she is younger than she actually is. They make comments about her being a baby or that she is too small for certain activities. We noticed that this was beginning to affect Zoe’s self-confidence.


Zoe H. getting ready to overcome the mountain.Zoe H. getting ready to overcome the mountain.

“I have a non-quitting spirit”

Since Zoe began Classes at Tiger Schulmann’s Karate we have seen her confidence improve so much. The discipline that  has taught Zoe about having a non-quitting spirit has brought about such positive changes in Zoe’s life. Recently during our family vacation Zoe tried Rock climbing for the first time. After getting suited up and taking a quick lesson she looked a little nervous to climb (see picture #1).We watched as she started climbing, she was quick and before too long she was almost at the top. At that point Zoe looked down and saw how high up she was and became scared; (See Picture). We heard her say “I have a non-quitting spirit” and she turned back to the wall and kept going!!!


Zoe doing Karate
Zoe Showing her non-qutting spirit

We were so proud of her and the rock climbing instructor was blown away by her courage! This was a direct outcome of Zoe being enrolled at Tiger Schulmanns Karate!!!

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