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Craig Alexander Wows Crowd With 2nd Round Knockout

Last Updated on May 11, 2013.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville

Joshu Craig Alexander stepped into the cage last night for an amazing 15th MMA fight. The twenty five year old has been competing in Mixed Martial Arts since the age of 18, and also sports eleven bouts between kickboxing and boxing. His 26 combined fights is even more amazing when factoring in a two year layoff he took to hone his skills.

This experience was on full display last night at Xtreme Caged Combat in Phildelphia. Alexander, sporting a 9-3-1 record and holding the XCC Lightweight title after an impressive third round submission of Cody Young in February, stepped in against 3-0 Travis List.

It was a huge step up for List who sported a 3-0 record, but gained confidence from three straight submission victories to start his career. His confidence would be short lived in this fight.

Round 1 started with Alexander racing to the center of the cage and stalking List. Alexander used amazing head movement and an ability to cut off the ring to give List no chance to use his reach advantage. As Alexander closed distance with power shots, List tried to tie up a clinch. This was shrugged off by Alexander who continued to hammer List with power punches and eventually backed him to the cage and used a series of knees to the thighs out of the clinch.

The two disengaged again and “Caspar” landed a huge overhand right followed by a left that staggered List. The game underdog scored a take down on an off balance Alexander, but it was short lived as the Tiger Schulmann’s Feasterville instructor quickly scrambled to top position before choosing to stand back up. The inability of List to hold Craig in his favored position on the ground shook his opponent up and it was clear during the Round 1 break that Alexander had exerted his will over List.
This proved out quickly as Round 2 began with Alexander once again cutting off the ring and stalking List. He refused to get stuck in a clinch, using his superior strength to create just enough distance to land power shots. As list began to throw a fatal (to himself) right hand Alexander slipped to the inside and threw a huge overhand right followed by a left hook that left his battered opponent prone on the mat.

Alexander retained his XCC Lightweight Title with a huge right left combination at :57 seconds of Round 2.

“I knew my opponent was less experienced than I was and my goal was to make him feel the pressure of a championship fight right from the opening bell. The game plan worked to perfection,” said Alexander. “I want to give so much thanks to Shihan Jim Simpson who has cornered me for nearly all my fights and especially to the TSMMA Feasterville students who came out to support me. Their cheering was so inspiring and makes all the hard work so much easier to go through!”

“Seeing the hard work Craig has put in over the last seven years has been impressive,” said head coach Simpson. “He has improved so much and right from the beginning has displayed amazing heart and toughness. It is a pleasure to watch him fight.”

Look for Alexander to make the drop from 155 to 145 in the coming months as this marked the last of his amateur fights. Caspar will be fighting professionally after this impressive KO victory!

Round 1

Round 2