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Darren Stands up to his Bully at School with the Confidence he Gained Learning Self-Defense

Last Updated on March 11, 2013.

Darren stands up to his bully at school with the confidence he gained from learning Self-Defense in North Plainfield, New Jersey

From: TSMMA North Plainfield

Since joining Tiger Schulmann’s MMA our son, who is already the greatest son anyone could, has gained even more qualities that are helping him become a great young man. In school he’s focused, he has been the student of the week and has even seen his way through a situation with a bully ultimately ending with the bully becoming his friend.

Gaining the confidence to stand up to a bully can also have positive effects on behavior at home and at school

At home he is very responsible. He does his homework when he gets home from school and is always helping out with his little brother. Darren gets along with everyone he crosses paths with because he is not shy at all and has a special confidence about him that just draws people in. As parents what more could you ask for.

Darren and Kari (Darren’s Parents)

How Darren’s Instructor feels about his progress and how he’s applied what he’s learned in order to stand up to his bully

From Darren’s first class Sensei Querido knew that he had great potential and the ability to work hard to learn.

“He is eager to learn and excited every class to gain knowledge about how to follow directions with better focus, and gain the confidence to apply himself to comprehending the life skill of self-defense. I am immensely proud of Darren for standing up for himself against this bully in school and that he was able to turn such a negative experience into a positive one. He has such a fantastic spirit and kindness, so it is hard to imagine anyone not wanting to hang out and be friends with such a cool kid.” Sensei Querido said of Darren’s training.

“We do not tolerate bullying of any kind, We teach our kids that they are in control and that only they can stop the bully from torturing them.

“We do not tolerate bullying of any kind, verbal or physical, in our mixed martial art school. We teach our kids that they are in control and that only they can stop the bully from torturing them.”We do not tolerate bullying of any kind They need to be empowered by learning self-defense skills, that hopefully they will never need to use, but they need to know they are powerful enough to do what it takes to prevent a bully from verbally or physically abusing them,” says Sensei Querido.

Congratulations to Darren on his accomplishments thus far. All of us here at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA are excited to witness Darren’s continued successes.


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