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East Brunswick Karate school stops bullies cold!

Last Updated on September 20, 2014.

Karate Kids Know How to Handle Bullies

This Karate kid knows how to handle bullies!

On Saturday, October 18, 2014, all Tiger Schulmann’s locations will be hosting an anti-bullying program nationally known as BullyShield.

Anti-Bullying seminar in mount kisco ny teaches kids to stand up to bullies
Bullying has become a horrible epidemic in this country. Bully Shield gives kids the tools they need to stand up sand say “Stop!”

Our philosophy here at Tiger Schulmann’s is to end bullying by building confidence in our students. Regardless of what your children are told in school, there are bullies everywhere. You will find them in school, camp on the playground and even in your own neighborhood. As parents we would like to keep our kids safe 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Unfortunately we can’t be with them all the time. Can you depend on the teacher, the bus driver or the lunch room attendants? Statistically the answer is a resounding NO! Teachers are overwhelmed with large classes and it is impossible for them to have an eye on every kid in their class. Bus drivers have to keep their eyes on the road and forget about the lunch room. The only way to stop a child from being bullied is by building their confidence.

Bullies start with emotional bullying


Bullies generally don’t physically assault their victims right away. Normally bullying begins with a verbal test to see what they can get away with. Our karate kids understand the dynamics of bullying and handle each situation appropriately. The simple truth is that most kids today don’t have the courage to stand up for themselves even in a verbal situation. More than likely it is because they fear what will happen if the confrontation becomes physical. After all, no one wants to get hurt, including the bully.

Physical bullying gets stopped with karate

Tiger Schulmann’s stops bullies!

At Tiger Schulmann’s we teach a complete self-defense system. Kids learn how to defend themselves in virtually any situation whether verbal or physical. Children that can defend themselves, carry themselves more confidently and won’t be targeted by bullies. If a bully does verbally confront them they will stand up to the bully because they know that if it came down to it they can back up their words.

Bullies can be stopped cold if children are given the right tools to handle themselves. Our BullyShield program is designed to give them these tools and to make an effort to keep our children safe in school, camp on the playground and at home. When children don’t worry about bullies, they will be able to concentrate on more important things, like school work.

Call us at 732-249-2467 to reserve a spot for the best anti-bullying seminar available. Your children will thank you for the help!

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