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How Eating Healthy Food Helps You Stay Young

Last Updated on May 13, 2015.

The 90 Day Challenge is in the books and if you look around Facebook there are some staggering successes. Now comes the hard part, continuing to eat healthy food without falling back in to the bad habits that can easily plague us.

Fast Food and Coffee Shops abound. You can drive five miles and easily pass 20 places where you can pop in for a quick bite. The sad part is we know how bad the stuff is for us but we are bound by habit and stop in anyway.

There is no reason Healthy Food can't taste great while giving you the nutrients your body needs!
There is no reason Healthy Food can’t taste great while giving you the nutrients your body needs!


Education is a great way to help remodel our behaviors. A recent article pointed out some high priced foods that you may not realize can not only ruin your figure but see you aging far beyond your calendar years.


None of the foods listed in the article shock. We all know processed meat, bagels, fast food burgers are all terrible for us. But looking deeper can help us understand exactly why we should drive by.

A simple blended coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts can be more than a quarter of the recommended calories for one day! If you stop at McDonald’s for a lunchtime burger and soda you have now not only consumed more than your daily allotment of calories but done so in a way that gives your body little to no actual nutritional value.

Looks great and tastes great, but will it make you feel great?


Of particular note in the article was a link to a study of soda and it’s link to premature aging of cells. When I first joined TSMMA it was because I had gained nearly a hundred pounds in the decade since graduating High School. Much of that weight was the result of an addiction to soda.

The more I can learn about how soda adversely affects my body, the easier it is to deny those cravings. By associating the effects of soda with that of smoking (something I vehemently despise) I am able to remind myself exactly why I love water!

Keep educating yourself about healthy food and see how you can keep these strong habits you’ve created during the 90 day challenge going for a lifetime.