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Effective Weight Loss Through Kickboxing

Last Updated on September 2, 2014.

As a consumer, we are drawn to different weight loss programs that are conducive to fit our lifestyle. Convenient. Fun. Satisfying. We want fast, lasting results. We want the total package of diet, exercise and personal training. Ultimately, individuals often fail at committing to their weight loss programs because they become dissatisfied or disappointed with their lack of progress.

After being diagnosed with type II Diabetes and weighing over 230 lbs, ERIC HAFFA decided it was time to make a change. Eric had fallen victim to the vicious cycle of trialing weight loss programs that had not yielded results. After entering the doors of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) at Vails Gate, that finally changed. For almost a year, Eric has attended adult kickboxing  classes under the instruction of Sensei Jose Montes and Joshu Shane Burgos. He has since developed a passion for the sport in addition to achieving successful, significant weight loss results.

A one hour kickboxing class is designed to burn up to 800 calories! But TSMMA offers much more than just weight loss. It is also an effective way to improve your overall health and conditioning, mental focus and learn self defense. The combination of proper diet and exercise ensures adequate weight loss results for its patrons. “I am healthier and more confident. Sensei Montes and Joshu Shane push me to challenge myself physically, mentally and to work harder than I did the last time I trained.” Eric has lost over 30 pounds and continues to stay motivated during each kickboxing class. He has learned to develop his training and dietary choices beyond weight loss for everyday healthy living. “I am more conscious of what I eat now, not just because of my diabetes, but because I would like set a standard for myself and take my lifestyle changes and training to the next level.”

Eric Weight Loss Story

Eric has contemplated the possibility of competing one day. He knows that competition requires self- discipline to control and maintain his weight, and that support from his peers and the guidance of his instructors will help him achieve his goal. “I still look and the mirror and feel I have a long way to go, but I come back every week because of the continuous, lasting results and the amazing bond I have with my friends at TSMMA. They have become my second family.”

Eric believes that TSMMA has offered him much more than what traditional weight loss programs can supply. Kickboxing classes are fun and variable, the instructors are highly motivating and supportive, and supplementary nutrition and healthy living information are available to every student. He is passionate about promoting kickboxing classes at TSMMA and receives continuous recognition for his weight loss transformation. “Friends and family tell me I look great and ask ‘how did you do it?’. TSMMA has given me a reason to keep pushing because I can see and feel a difference. I just want people to experience how empowering it is. Try one class and your life will never be the same. This stuff is life changing.”


By Lauren Rose