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Elmwood Park Kickboxing With Hall of Famer

Last Updated on October 28, 2013.

Kickboxing Best For Physical Conditioning

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

For many years people had a misconception about Martial Arts. They felt it was for young kids, not for adults. Part of the equation hasn’t changed. Martial Arts is still great for kids, but Sensei Dave Tirelli of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Elmwood Park is proving every day how Kickboxing can be a huge benefit to adults as well.

More and more it’s Adult’s turning to Kickboxing Class to get in shape and learn Self-Defense

Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing classes provide a three dimensional workout for students. First and most important to the thousands of adults who have Kickboxed with Tirelli is the amazing results they see. Students who come in to train with him lose weight and get in shape quickly and correctly, through great exercise and proper nutritional training.

Sensei Dave Tirelli (right) presents Black Belt to Elmwood Park student!

Second, Kickboxing class is fun. Tirelli’s motivating style and hands on instruction helps students keep their mind occupied for a full hour. Getting better motivates students while at the same time the focus needed in class provides a one hour mental holiday. Students leave the class knowing they worked hard, but feeling mentally refreshed.

Finally, Tirelli teaches real Self-Defense. The techniques are proven to work in a Real World situation. This is an extra motivation for students as their exercise regimen does more than just get them in the best shape!

Students Learning From Pioneer

Sensei Tirelli has been involved with Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts for almost thirty years. After graduation from Curry College, Tirelli returned to Northern New Jersey without a clear plan. Fortunately he found one right in his own family.

His younger brother Pete Tirelli had already been training with Tiger Schulmann for years and invited Dave to try class. He was hooked from the first day, very quickly taking the path to become a Head Instructor.

Tirelli’s Successful Competitive Kickboxing Career Helped Him Learn Most Important Techniques For His Students!

More than just an instructor, Tirelli was also a pioneering member of the Tiger Schulmann’s Fight Team. The team is recognized around the world today for members like former Bellator Welterweight World Champion Lyman Good and current UFC Flyweight Contender Louis Gaudinot.

In the 1990’s MMA was still in its infancy though. It was Sensei Tirelli who helped mold the curriculum of Tiger Schulmann’s by going out and testing himself in Mixed Martial Arts competitions. Cornered by Martial Art’s Hall of Famer Tiger Schulmann himself, Tirelli traveled around the country to find outlets to test his skill. In so doing he paved the way for hundreds of young Tiger Schulmann’s students who have gone on to compete successfully.

Through this journey Tirelli helped Tiger Schulmann’s whole organization figure out the very best techniques to teach students in case of a Real World Self-Defense situation. These techniques are the core of our current Kickboxing curriculum.

Sensei Tirelli was recently recognized for the important role he played in Mixed Martial Art’s development by being inducted into the New Jersey Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame!

Kickboxing Taught Right

What’s most impressive about Sensei Tirelli’s classes is they are not designed for people like himself who want to fight. In fact it is exactly the opposite. The curriculum and structure of class are designed to meet the needs of busy adults who have a career, many with families who also train in the Kids and Children’s Classes!

Tirelli makes sure his Kickboxing students get a great workout while also learning Self-Defense. This is done in disciplined way helping students feel safe. Ironically, by concentrating on proper technique and conditioning and not actual fighting, Sensei Tirelli has turned out some of the most successful competitors in the area as well.

Everyday Mom’s and Dad’s Learn Authentic Kickboxing From Hall of Famer!

The perfect combination he creates in class has led many of Tirelli’s students to train with him for years!

Looking to get involved in the best workout on the planet. Look no further than Tiger Schulmann’s Elmwood Park where you can train with New Jersey Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Famer, Dave Tirelli. Call or sign up at the top right for your own FREE one hour Beginner Kickboxing class!