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Exercise Your Way To Lower Cholesterol With Kickboxing

Last Updated on December 4, 2014.

Everyone knows exercise is good for you. Adults also know that cholesterol, specifically LDL or low-density lipoprotein, is bad for us. In fact researchers are finding exercise can help lower LDL’s naturally.

Cholesterol was a topic that was born out of our countries middle class. The 1950’s led to higher consumption of meat products. Meat is the source of cholesterol. When Doctor’s saw a huge increase in the number of heart attacks, research showed the link to cholesterol and plaque building in blood vessels. Specifically Doctor’s began to saw it was LDL’s that led to greater risk of heart disease.

exercise cholesterol kickboxing
Dr. Amit Khera has researched the specific effect of exercise in lowering cholesterol.


So how do we combat it? By eating less meat? That’s one answer, but avoiding meat adds a different set of issues. For those of us who can eat chicken daily, or love a good steak there are plenty of other options.

When research first began on lowering cholesterol it centered on the effect of dietary changes combined with exercise. So science didn’t have a clear indication of what role exercise alone was playing. Now that has begun to change.


Kickboxing Is An Exercise Program You Won’t Have To Dread


Now that research is being done. And their are a couple of clear ways that exercise helps you to lower LDL’s.

According to a Doctor of Prevantitive Cardiology, working out helps stimulate enzymes that help move LDL’s (bad cholesterol) out of your blood stream and into your liver. Your liver then uses it to help your digestive system or simply gets it out of your body.

LDL’s and HDL’s (good cholesterol) travel through the blood stream on protein particles. Those protein particles if small enough can lodge into the lining of your heart or blood vessels and set up shop. This build up can eventually constrict the flow of blood and lead to heart attacks or stroke. Exercise in fact increases the size of those protein particles. The larger the particles the less likely they are to embed in the lining.

cholesterol kickboxing heart disease exercise
Exercise helps decrease the chance cholesterol builds up as plaque in your blood vessels.


If you have gotten the bad news that your cholesterol levels are high you have a few options. You can start taking Lipitor or other pharmaceutical options to combat it (which drug companies love because they don’t correct the problem and thus you will keep using them), you can make dietary changes, or you can start a great exercise program.

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