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Feeling Youthful & Energetic: Exercising

Last Updated on February 14, 2013.

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By: Joshu Billings – TSMMA Princeton

As you get older that energetic feeling you had in your youth starts to go away. After living with this energy for years and beginning to lose it, you want it back. People with high energy levels get more done, have more fun, and enjoy themselves more. There are several ways to feel youthful and energetic without having to take any supplements or drink any of those unhealthy energy drinks.

“After living with this energy for years and beginning to lose it, you want it back.”

One of the best ways and most important ways to stay energetic is by staying in motion. When you feel like you have no energy or feel sluggish, a way to get energy is to move around. When your body is being used and, your heart is elevated your blood flow increases, pumping endorphins into your body. This helps you boost your energy level both physically and mentally. Also strengthening your muscles, most importantly your heart, and making your feel more limber.

“Exercising regularly…. gives you the same energy effect of an energy drink.”

Exercising regularly activates your body to give consistent energy. It has been shown that exercising releases endorphins which can elevate your energy levels. Endorphins will make you feel good and get rid of the sluggish lazy feeling we sometimes have. Exercising your body in multiple ways will be the best way to gain the most energy. This means getting an endurance or cardio with a strength training workout. Doing these different types of workouts will help your body be challenged in various ways making your muscles request different levels of energy during the workout. Blood will flow through your body carrying the endorphins and adrenaline to your muscles and mind.

Exercising engages your mind which will also help with energy levels. Your mind will go into a state of active meditation where all you will be focused on is the exercise. This in turn will help you release the stress you build on a daily basis. Allowing you to feel less drained and more energetic.

“This is a very relaxing way to stretch in which no effort needs to be put into and can be done at anytime.”

Something that will help you feel more youthful is staying flexible. Flexibility is a key part to feeling younger. As you get older your flexibility decreases and your muscles stiffen up, this is a symptom of something called muscular atrophy. Muscular atrophy is a loss of range of motion and flexibility.  Flexibility can be gained back, but it takes time and the proper stretching. To stretch your muscles properly you need both static and dynamic stretching. Static stretching is done when you are staying still, adding tension to your muscles. Yoga would be the primary example of static stretching. This is a very relaxing way to stretch. Unlike static stretching, dynamic stretching comes from movement of your muscles. The consistent contraction and expansion of your muscles through range of motion will increase your flexibility as well. The best way to stretch in this way is by exercising with proper technique.

Being able to achieve that youthful feeling can take some time, but with proper guidance from a professional trainer you will be feeling younger shortly.  Receive the proper guidance by one of our instructors here at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA.