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Fitness Instruction Not Found At Typical Gym

Last Updated on December 1, 2022.

Sensei Paul Querido is an institution in North Plainfield. He has been teaching Kickboxing and more importantly helping adults to a lifestyle of fitness for more than two decades.

As American’s get more obese and the byproducts of an unhealthy lifestyle become more common, Querido’s students stand out as a beacon to what Kickboxing classes can do.

Kickboxing Classes Perfect Fitness Alternative

Look at the biggest killers and health issues in America and they are tied to obesity and high stress. Diabetes, Heart Attack, Stroke, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, all have been tied directly to being overweight and stressed out.

What Querido does is unlike anything you will find at a gym or your local cardio Kickboxing or CKO class. Twenty years of commitment to his craft have helped him understand and master the principles not only of Kickboxing, but of physical fitness, exercise science, motivation and nutrition.


In every class members of TSMMA North Plainfield are educated on Self-Defense, fitness and nutrition. He has helped thousands of adults get in amazing shape. In reality there are thousands of workouts that can be effective, the trick is staying consistent.

The constant learning in Querido’s classes help his students stay motivated long after they get healthy. His masterful motivation helps adults get the mental strength to carve out a few hours a week (less than 2% of your time) to maintain a better fitness level.

That in turn helps his students avoid the myriad health issues plaguing so many American’s. Especially as we hear the arguments over Obamacare and the so called Healthcare crisis, Querido’s teaching is priceless.

Munah Holland exemplifies the fitness level of North Plainfield Kickboxing members.
Munah Holland exemplifies the fitness level of North Plainfield Kickboxing members.


What is a better answer to health care? The kind of preventative medicine a comprehensive fitness program provides!

Call TSMMA North Plainfield today or register online to see how you can get in the best shape of your life all while enjoying a fun and intense Kickboxing class!