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FREE Child Abduction Prevention Seminar On May 2nd 2015

Last Updated on April 24, 2015.

Below is a horrific CHILD ABDUCTION video




I’m 34 years old and was only a year old baby when this happened, but I remember my mother always scaring me so badly I never walked away from her in public.  It’s just terrible what happened to poor Adam, but the only good thing that came from his murder was the organizations to help lost/abducted children and the award winning television show “America’s Most Wanted”.  Due to that show, thousands of terrible men and woman have been arrested and sent to prison where they can’t hurt anyone anymore?

According to CHILD ABDUCTION statistics, approximately 2,000 kids on a weekly basis are abducted here in the United States.  That’s insane!  2,000 children are taken away from their family on a weekly basis, and there are two times of the year that those numbers increase exponentially.   Those two times are during the holidays and spring.

During the holiday’s the best deals are going on in the shopping malls.  This is actually where and when Adam was abducted.  His mom wanted to see something that was on sale and Adam wanted to see the games.  So she let him play with the other kids while she was off checking out the sale items.   You see, back then things like that was not common so why would that happen, but unfortunately it did.  That’s what happens even today, people think “that won’t happen to me”, so when they are fighting for the best deal the parents aren’t paying attention to their children.  In the background are people that are shopping for the wrong thing, and when the parents aren’t paying attention their children are abducted and sadly most kids are not found.  If they are it’s just their body.


The other biggest times of the year that is huge for child abduction is the spring time.  The reason behind that is that especially in May, because even though April is nice there are more rainy days than sunny.  So in May it’s usually always nice and the kids go crazy from their prison (home during bad weather) and run all over the place not paying attention to their surroundings.  Kids run into a paring lot after their basketballs/footballs and become an easy target.  Maybe walking along side of the street and a man asks for help to find his daughter’s lost puppy, give the kids soda and candy to give away.  There are so many ways kids are lured into someone’s car to be kidnapped, it’s just so sad and disgusting.

On Saturday May 2nd at 12 pm here at the Nanuet Tiger Schulmann’s we are hosting a FREE CHILD ABDUCTION SEMINAR.  In this seminar I will educate the children on the dangers of strangers and the many ways they trick children so they can kidnap them.  I know you’re probably thinking, “well, I teach my kids to NEVER talk to strangers”.  Kids will still talk to them, especially if they are tricked.  You can tell them till you’re blue in the face, but honestly they will still in most cases talk to or go with a stranger.  They are not truly educated and armed with confidence.

That’s where my self defense program and child safety seminar come into play.  My martial arts program truly builds confidence due to the simple fact is I teach kids how to defend themselves in any situation from any attacker, kid or an adult.  Besides empowering the kids through my program I educate them on strangers and so many situations they might get approached on the street by a stranger.  They will be armed with confidence and knowledge, and this way what you teach them at  home will be re-enforced!  Truly giving the kids a “FIGHTING CHANCE!”

For information on my CHILD ABDUCTION PREVENTION PROGRAM please call me Jared at 845-501-7096 or email me at [email protected] to reserve your spot!