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Friday Night Fights Results -Trizano Continues to Impress

Last Updated on June 23, 2012.

Friday Night Fights Results -Trizano Continues to Impress

6/22/12 – NYC

Michael Trizano (TSMMA Ramsey) vs. Joseph Tien (Redline Sports) – 152lb bout

Trizano wins via TKO at 1:03 of round 3

Trizano wins his debut Muay Thai fight, showing off his improved striking. Trizano dropped Tien in the 3rd round with a hard left hook to the body. After getting helped up by the ref, Tien was clearly hurt and had the look of a defeated fighter. Trizano’s performance earned the praise of trainer and corner man Sensei Rappoport of TSMMA Ramsey. Trizano was promoted to Hi-Brown belt following the victory and is now 3-0 in amateur boxing and Muay Thai Competition. Expect to see Mike back in the ring this summer, July 13th, boxing in Hoboken.

Train with Michael Trizano at TSMMA Ramsey