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Give Your Kid the Gift of Confidence Though Mixed Martial Arts

Last Updated on September 2, 2014.

Most kids are always looking for something exciting and new to participate in.  What could be more exciting than something that helps you get stronger, teaches you self defense standing and ground skills, and is just plain fun?   Mixed Martial Arts!!!

Mixed Martial arts training builds confidence like no other activity
Kids not only learn stand up striking skills, but also complete self defense on the ground.

Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts to be specific.   Training in a safe environment, where each kid is taught the proper method and technique for many different punches and kicks as well as learning ground or grappling techniques.   The “mixed” part of the martial art is what involves karate, kickboxing, boxing, muay thai, wrestling, and jiujitsu.  Not separately, but in a seamless and  disciplined class where fun is always the main objective.

Mixed Martial Arts must include ground self defnese
Complete self defense includes learning to defend yourself on the ground as well

Children from 4-7 and Kids from 8-13 participate in separate mixed martial arts classes allowing each age group to progress as their development allows.  Different classes on the schedule allow kids to focus in certain areas; basics, kickboxing, and grappling.  Upon becoming proficient in each area kids begin to put the stand up and ground techniques together, really providing the most realistic self defense training available.

Mixed Martial arts teaches real world self defense
Real Life Self Defense Skills are Taught in Every Tiger Schulmann’s Class!

The biggest benefit of learning mixed martial arts?  CONFIDENCE!  You take any child that may have been picked on or teased and as a result has lost self esteem, and you teach them self defense, then just watch the level of Self Confidence take off and go through the roof!

Your kid cannot do without mixed martial arts any longer!

Year after year parents bring their shy, introverted kids in to Tiger Schulmann’s MMA and every year the transformation is always the same.  Shortly after getting started, kids become less shy in class, they get stronger in class, and they learn self defense in class.  Before long they are taking these new found skills outside the class and it shows in their actions and behavior at school, in sports and even and most importantly at home.  Your kid cannot do without mixed martial arts any longer.

Get your kids doing something they think is fun and you know is invaluable!


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