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Goodnight Truly the Right Nickname

Last Updated on May 6, 2012.

Goodnight Truly the Right Nickname

By Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville

 East Rutherford, NJ – They say luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  If that’s the case then Louis Gaudinot’s performance on Saturday night was lucky.  He had the opportunity and he had prepared for three months to take advantage of it.  Gaudinot would make his second appearance in the UFC, his first at his natural 125 pound weight class.  He and his opponent John Lineker would get the crowd at the Izod Center fired up very quickly.  The two touched gloves and then proceeded to throw a hundred punches in the first minute of the fight (I lost count at ten so that may be an exaggeration).  Lineker’s shots were looping power shots, while Gaudinot was continually countering with shorter punches inside of Lineker’s.  Neither fighter would stop throwing through the whole fight.

Round 1 was just getting started when the two fighters had already thrown more punches than most heavyweights would in fifteen minutes.  That was just the first minute.  The two would actually touch gloves two more times in the middle of Round 1, showing mutual respect for the willingness to stand and bang.  That willingness wouldn’t overcome Gaudinot’s desire to win the fight though, as he adroitly landed a takedown with a minute and a half left in the round.  That takedown would lead to some solid ground and pound as the round ended.

Round 2 started off with more of the same.  Lineker was winging wild shots with a great right hand to the body being the most effective part of his attack.  Gaudinot would consistently counter that with a sharp left hook to the chin.  Early in the round Lineker had already thrown over 200 punches.  Shortly into the round Lineker backed Gaudinot to the cage and landed a combination of shots that clearly staggered “Goodnight”.  That’s were the preparation came into effect as Gaudinot was able to quickly recover his equilibrium and launch an attack of his own.  That would lead to another takedown.  Lineker actually tried to go for a leg lock which Gaudinot defended properly by dropping all his weight on his leg.  That also trapped Lineker’s leg and led to some brutal ground and pound.  Lineker would show his fortitude by scrambling out from underneath and regaining his feet.  That was the opening Gaudinot was looking for though, as he quickly wrapped his left arm over the head of Lineker and locked his hands together for a standing, arm in guillotine.  That is an almost impossible move to finish, but Gaudinot wasn’t daunted, he simply jumped into guard, trapping Linekers right arm in the process.  With Lineker’s left arm already trapped by the guillotine he had nothing to defend the choke with.  He would try and slam Gaudinot to get free, but that plan backfired as putting the green haired one on his back only added pressure to the choke.  With both hands tied up Lineker was unable to tap, and he would eventually fall victim to the move that earned “Goodnight” his nickname.  It would be goodnight for Lineker and a great night for Gaudinot.

Lineker can take some solace in the Fight of the Night Bonus that he and Gaudinot would both take home.  The two threw nearly four hundred strikes between them in less than two full rounds.  Gaudinot, who earned the fight of the season bonus for his Ultimate Fighter bout, now adds a Fight of the Night Bonus to put in the college fund for his young daughter who he noticeably mentioned while sitting atop the cage with the smile of the victorious.  Just like Joe Rogan, I look forward to seeing “Goodnight” back in the Octagon soon!

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