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Gramercy Mixed Martial Arts Student Thwarts Shoplifter

Last Updated on November 14, 2013.

Store Manager Stops Shoplifter With Mixed Martial Arts

By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA NYC

Enrique Gonzalez always felt he would enjoy Mixed Martial Arts. Little did the Gramercy store manager know how quickly that love would impact his everyday life.

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Gonzalez Learns Effective Techniques In A Safe Environment!

 Gonzalez walked into Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Gramercy on September 4th feeling like he wanted to give his competitive fire an outlet. He had watched Mixed Martial Arts on tv and wanted to try it himself. Despite loving his day job, he didn’t want to have any regrets.

The 37 year old found out the two passions could go together.

Martinez Has Only Been Training For Two Months!
Gonzalez Has Only Been Training For Two Months!

 On October 30th, Gonzalez was performing his regular duties at work when things changed quickly.

Gramercy MMA Student Has Confidence To Act

“I caught a shoplifter and he was giving me a hard time,” says Gonzalez. “Once I called the police on him, he went crazy.”

For most people this is the time when they panic and either freeze or run away. Not Gonzalez. Instead he relied on the techniques he had been drilling for two months.

His instructors at TSMMA in Manhattan don’t teach him a new move every single class. Instead Gonzalez drills the same few techniques for three weeks.

TSMMA in Gramercy Curriculum Helped Martinez Hold Shop Lifter Until Police Arrived!
TSMMA in Gramercy Curriculum Helped Gonzalez Hold Shop Lifter Until Police Arrived!

 “We know that repetition is the key to learning something,” says Sensei Carlos Brooks, himself a professional Mixed Martial Artist. “With Enrique he works so hard every class he has been able to pick things up very quickly. The combination of our Close Range Defense curriculum and his hard worked proved to be successful.”

Core Mixed Martial Arts Technique Proves Successful On Street

“He was trying to leave the store. I grabbed him by his arm and did the submission (armbar) that I learned in grappling class at TSMMA. I was happy I learned some good moves. The thief was saying hey, you’re gonna break my arm. I said if you move I might,” Gonzalez said while laughing. “I didn’t, but I wanna thank TSMMA Manhattan.”

Martinez' Instructor Carlos Brooks Is Also A Professional MMA Fighter!
Gonzalez’ Instructor Carlos Brooks Is Also A Professional MMA Fighter!

 Who knows what the outcome would have been if Gonzalez’ hadn’t learned techniques proven to work in a street situation. Gonzalez for one is happy he chose TSMMA in Gramercy. Not only are classes focused, challenging him for an hour at a time, but in two months he has already learned enough to help him in real life.

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