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Here’s What Sets Our Instructors Apart

Last Updated on August 10, 2015.

Here at Tiger Schulmann’s, instructing is not just a job — it’s our lives. It’s everything we do, everything we live and everything we breathe.

here's what sets our instructors apart

The instructors at Tiger Schulmann’s all began as and remain students of Master Tiger Schulmann, who has won more than 100 competitions. That’s why we are able to provide such detailed instruction to all of our students. We are blessed to be able continue to learn from the founder of our style of martial arts.

In addition, each of us have had years of training, and we continue to hone our craft every day. We are invested in our training with Tiger Schulmann so that we can stay up-to-date with all the latest teaching and training techniques. We’re still students, and we still get excited about learning and perfecting our techniques.

How It Translates To Our Students

It is that excitement that gets brought back to our students. Our goal is to have a great deal of fun while learning a life skill so that we can give our students the highest quality of instruction available. You just won’t find that anywhere else.

Tiger Schulmann’s expert instructors love helping kids and adults transform and achieve their goals. There’s nothing better than watching our students progress day-by-day. The fact that we get to do what we love and help people change their lives is truly a gift.

Each Tiger Schulmann’s owner, instructor and fighter is wholeheartedly dedicated to not only the betterment of themselves, but to the betterment of their students and peers too. It is our passion to provide the very best, and we do that through the combined experience of all our instructors. It’s our experience that allows us to lead the way and set the standard for what a real organization is: one dedicated to its goals and unwavering in its quality.

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