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How Karate for Kids Helps Reduce Anxiety

Last Updated on December 1, 2022.



 Did you know that anxiety in children and teens is on the rise? In fact, nearly 52% of American children between the ages of 3-17 have received treatment or counseling for depression, anxiety, or behavioral problems according to the 2021 National Survey of Children’s Health.


Despite advances in technology, living in the digital age seems to be causing our kids more stress than ever before. However, one of the best ways for kids to cope with stress, anxiety, and self-esteem issues is to attend a martial arts school.


At Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts, our instructors are more than just coaches; they are mentors who guide their students on a journey towards self-confidence, self-awareness, and calmness. While a coach simply teaches a kid how to do something, a mentor guides them towards the best versions of themselves.


Choosing the Right Martial Arts School for Your Kid

While there are many martial arts to choose from, the most effective martial arts for your kid is going to be the one they’re interested in. Some kids naturally gravitate towards grappling and might be interested in BJJ, while others prefer punching and kicking and want to learn martial arts based on stand-up skills like karate and Muay Thai. Others might not be interested in martial arts at all!


Luckily, the benefits of martial arts for kids aren’t dependent on which discipline they’re studying. The thing that’s most important is the quality of the instructors.


Parents who are interested in the benefits of martial arts for their children should look for a martial arts school that focuses on mentorship rather than coaching. While there is a place for coaches, the people who provide the most development for kids are mentors.


What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Coaching focuses on short-term goals that are measured based on performance, usually for a specific skill. Mentoring focuses on long-term development, taking a more holistic and personal approach without focusing on outcomes. A coach teaches through a standardized system to improve a specific skill; a mentor teaches on a case-by-case basis focusing on the needs of the pupil.


The strengths of a mentor compared to a coach is that the relationship is driven by the mentee. By catering to the needs of the kids, our mentors help build up their confidence, reduce their stress, and learn self-discipline. A coach can teach kids how to kick, but a mentor teaches kids how to believe in themselves.


What are the benefits of karate for kids?

Karate has incredible benefits for kids in their physical and mental health. Kids who participate in karate classes have reduced anxiety, higher levels of mindfulness, and an easier time maintaining focus.


The physical activities for kids help develop strong and healthy bodies while also providing a sense of purpose that fills them with confidence. Kids who practice martial arts have higher degrees of emotional regulation and maturity compared to kids who don’t get regular exercise.


With our mentoring approach, the instructors at Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts empower their students to grow into their best selves. We don’t just teach Martial Arts; we teach kids to believe in themselves, to problem solve, to live life confidently, and strive for positive improvements every day.


How Karate Helps Kids Who Are Stressed Out

Stress in children is a growing problem in our country. Kids living with high levels of stress are more likely to develop behavioral and conduct problems, including trouble focusing in school and being disobedient in the classroom. The good news is that attending a martial arts school can help.


Our instructors teach their students to know their worth, the value of self respect, and how to deal with fear. One of the most common causes of stress in children is the fear of being judged. At Tiger Schulmann’s, our instructors strive to build the confidence and mindfulness their kids need to succeed.


Through physical exercise and proper mentoring, kids will learn how to cope with stress and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. By guiding the kids towards a mindset of self-confidence, our students learn that there is no challenge they can’t overcome. At Tiger Schulmann’s, fear is not something to be avoided; it’s something to be conquered!