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How Kickboxing Keeps Your New Years Resolution

Last Updated on December 23, 2014.




New Years Resolution


If I ask you how many NEW YEARS RESOLUTION’S you have made for yourself, of those how many have you completed?  In most cases they answer would be none, right?  The reason for that is people have great intentions on eating right and training right, but they go down the wrong direction in fitness and nutrition.

In the gym people have to motivate themselves.  Besides that they have to come up with their own routines and diets, unless you get a personal trainer and honestly that can be very expensive.  The problem with this entire thing is you have to be disciplined with your diet and workout routine, but if the person was so disciplined most likely they would be just going to the gym for their workout and not to just be there for their new year resolution.  That means lack of motivation and knowledge on training leads them to quitting the gym shortly after enrolling.

That’s the beauty of my kickboxing classes, you never have to motivate yourself because the instructor does from the moment you get here till the end of class.  You never have to create your workout routine.  We go by a curriculum that is created by Tiger Schulmann himself.  Besides teaching you how to workout properly I teach all of my students on how to defend themselves in any situation.  While you are learning these techniques it will be impossible to think about your daily stresses.  It’s almost as if you’re on a mini vacation for that hour.  All stresses and worries are are releaved at that moment, and after a little bit of training your daily stresses aren’t as stressful.


New Years Resolution
130 Pound Weight Loss in Just One Year


Another great part of my program is that we go over nutrition.  At Tiger Schulmann’s all the instructors are well educated on nutrition.  That’s one of many benefits we receive by training at our headquarters with Master Tiger Schulmann himself.  With the combitnation of the students having fun in class, getting the workout in an hour, your mind is off the stresses, you’re learning self defense and your instructor motivating you is how the students keep to their NEW YEARS RESOLUTION.