Last Updated on September 30, 2015.

Just like baseball players take care of their bats and hockey players take care of their sticks, martial arts students must also take care of their sporting equipment. Specifically focusing on those in a kickboxing class, the gloves? are one of the most important items to tend to. Below, we offer a few tips on how to keep them clean:

How To Clean Your Kickboxing Gloves– Always wipe off your gloves after use. It doesn’t make a difference if it is following an easy practice or rigorous competition – as soon as your hands come out, a paper towel or similar cleaning product should go in. Doing so consistently will help prevent moisture from sticking, which is a natural breeding ground for bacteria.

– Place the gloves in your freezer overnight. Although this sounds rather out of the ordinary, this method works to kill bacteria and can even eliminate foul odors that your gloves produce. However, if you need to use your gloves the next day, you may want to try a different approach as they require approximately 24-48 hours of air drying time following their freeze.

– Use an anti-bacterial spray to disinfect your gloves. Similar to the above tip, once you’re done allow them to air dry for a bit so that they aren’t wet the next time you go to put them on.

In addition to choosing one of the previously mentioned cleaning methods, remember that you can also keep your kickboxing gloves in good shape by taking them out of your bag when you arrive home. Instead of keeping them in a somewhat stuffy environment, giving them some time to breathe can help keep moisture at bay and prevent sweat from seeping into what could be tough-­to­-clean fabric.

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