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How To Handle Bullies During The Back-­To-­School Season

Last Updated on September 8, 2015.

Although it may feel like summer just started, the truth of the matter is that it is officially the back-­to-­school season. That means it’s time to place our focus on bullying and go over various tactics that students can use if they encounter a bully during their time in the classroom, on the playground or in any other school environment.

If you have a school-­aged child at home, here are a few things you’ll want them to keep in mind:

How to handle bullies during the back-to-school season

Display confidence: ?During the first few days of school, bullies are likely looking for potential targets. To avoid landing a spot on their list, we highly encourage all students to display a level of confidence the moment they step into their class. By standing tall, speaking clearly and walking with their head up, bullies will realize that your child is not one to get involved with.

Walk away:? When first approached by a bully, students may find that walking away is all it takes. Why? Since bullies are generally looking for some type of reaction, ignoring their comments and leaving the scene may stop them from targeting your child in the future. However, if the bully follows and continues with their antics, let your child know that they should always stand up for themselves. That’s where our next tip comes in.

Be assertive:? Should your child be confronted by a bully who just won’t leave them alone, it’s extremely important for them to be assertive in their response. Even if it’s just a simple “stop,” your child should always use an assertive tone to let the bully know they mean business!

Tell someone: ?Most importantly, emphasize just how important it is to tell an adult when bullied – that goes for children who stand up to bullies on their own, too. No matter the situation, it is especially important to involve a teacher, school administrator, even a parent, so that the bullying comes to an end.

Here at Tiger Schulmann’s, we are very involved with bully prevention -­ it is our goal to ensure that your children feel safe and confident in their abilities to protect themselves at all times. That’s why we host several Bully Shield events throughout the year where we cover topics such as what a bully is and the three stages of bullying. But, even if you can’t make one of those, our kids’ martial arts and karate classes are the perfect place for your children to learn the self-­defense strategies they need to combat any bully they may face.

For more information about the martial arts programs we offer to children in your area, please give us a call at (800) 528­-4437.