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Huntington Kickboxing Classes Keeping Long Islanders Healthy

Last Updated on October 22, 2013.

Kickboxing Paves Way to Sensei’s Health

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

When Sensei Rich Jean first began training at Tiger Schulmann’s more than a decade ago he had a very simple goal. He set out to control his diabetes. The diagnosis left Jean in shock. Not even 30 years old, he was all of a sudden faced with his own mortality. It’s a vision many people don’t see until too late.

Fortunately for Jean, his diagnosis came early enough to take action. He walked into Tiger Schulmann’s in Seaford, Long Island and began training under his Sensei, Joe Belluomo. That simple decision changed his life.

At the time Jean was a successful engineer. What he wasn’t was in shape. Kickboxing classes changed that quickly. Jean was motivated by Sensei Belluomo to train hard and at the same time followed the nutrition plan provided by the Tiger Schulmann’s instructor.

Hungtington Instructor’s Physique Carved From Kickboxing Classes

Combined with regular monitoring of his insulin levels, it has allowed Jean to continue his active lifestyle.

Jean Makes Decision To Teach Kickboxing

It wasn’t an easy decision for Jean to leave his engineering job. He had a solid income and job security. What he didn’t have was the sense of excitement he got every time he entered Tiger Schulmann’s. A couple years into his training he began actively pursuing a full time career as a Kickboxing instructor.

It was a decision he hasn’t looked back on since. For a few years Jean received valuable experience helping Belluomo at Tiger Schulmann’s in Seaford. He began training at Tiger Schulmann’s headquarters in Elmwood Park, NJ as well. This gave Shihan (Japanese for Master) Tiger Schulmann the chance to see Jean first hand.

When the opportunity arose for an instructor in Huntington, Tiger Schulmann felt Sensei Jean would be the perfect fit. His combination of Martial Arts skill and personal success through his training would be the perfect fit for his students.

Kickboxing Classes For Everyone

Now Jean has been teaching classes daily for more than five years. His Kickboxing classes draw students from every walk of life and with every goal you can imagine. He has helped many students achieve weight loss with a select few even helping to control their diabetes like he has.

Sensei Jean Leads A Group of Mom’s Through Their First Kickboxing Class!

Most of Sensei Jean’s students are professionals, Doctors and Lawyers, moms and dads who are looking for a fun workout. A few have more competitive goals and Sensei Jean has also been able to help them compete successfully.

His ability to motivate people from every different background and make sure they all take something out of class keeps his students coming back for more. At the same time his own journey has earned the respect of everyone who trains with him.

Sensei Jean (Far Right) With Huntington Student Celebrating Victory

Looking to improve your own health and well being? Stop by Tiger Schulmann’s in Huntington or click on the link to the right and ask Sensei Jean to set up your own Free Trial Class. See exactly why his students rave about him.