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Improve Your Kickboxing Training and Technique

Last Updated on October 9, 2014.

Fine Tuning Your Kickboxing Training and Technique

Kickboxing Hook Punch
A hook punch is a powerful self defense technique that often troubles many kickboxing students

It’s a rare occurrence, but have you ever gotten bored with your kickboxing training and workout? It can happen when you think you’ve hit a plateau. But there’s a way out of a kickboxing training rut and you might have already seen it on your way to work today.

Just like the bumper sticker “How’s my driving?”, ask yourself “How’s my kickboxing training and technique?”. Maybe it’s time to ask your instructor if a certain kickboxing technique needs some extra attention.

If you feel like your kickboxing training is in a rut, there’s a good chance that you’ve developed some habits that could be detrimental to your workout. For example, my kickboxing technique of a left hook needed some work. I was winding up too much, my left arm going too far back, giving my opponent a lot of time to hit me and a nice clear opening to do so. So, for a little while, I concentrated on fixing my hook — one day was spent doing the footwork right. Another day was picturing my hip movements.

Kickboxing instructor teaching his student
Your instructor will help you perfect your kickboxing technique

If you don’t think you’re having any problems, you can put your focus on something you like to do but might want to perfect. Make your round kicks higher! Increase the speed of your double jab! There’s always room for improvement with your kickboxing technique. 

And if you think everything is perfect, chances are that you’re wrong! Ask if there’s a technique that could use some extra attention so you can come to class newly refreshed and focused!