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In Her Own Words, Sensei Munah Holland’s Response to Parkland School Shooting

Last Updated on February 21, 2016.

Current Parkland resident and long time Tiger Schulmann’s officer – Mike Sachs:

“I fear that kids are becoming desensitized to these acts because they have access to so much. The biggest take away for us as a Martial Arts organization is that all of the signs were there. Senator Marco Rubio said this morning that it was a almost a joke that this kid would some day come back and get revenge. The more kids we get in our program the more kids we can rescue from getting to this point. He was a kid who had issues and I am sure he was bullied. He lost his dad and his step mom and was living with a foster family. We can help by having kids training and building there confidence so they don’t go down this horrible path. Something has to change and we can make a difference in their lives. I try to explain the good to my kids in every tragedy although very hard in this situation they need to appreciate their family and friends and treat everyone with kindness because you just don’t know if that will be the last time you see them. Let’s make a difference.”

In response to the horrific events that took place in parkland, Sensei Munah Holland:

“This is why I absolutely am grateful for what we do at our schools! We honestly truly and deeply care for our students and their families well-being and happiness. There is no greater, happier, fuller, warmer feeling than changing a child’s mindset from sad to happy, from depressed to excited, from being a victim of bullying to being a proud and confident human being who treats others with respect but doesn’t allow anyone to beat him/her down. We make an enormous positive difference every day, it is NOT A LITTLE thing that we do, it is a POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, and incredibly empowering impact that we have on all of our students. I just had two parents today thank us for “saving” their children from depression that they were dealing with from bullying at school. Both children have stood up to their bullies after only training with us for 3 months, didn’t have to even throw a single punch or kick, but were able to verbally and confidently express themselves and back their bullies off. Both children go to school happy every day now, other kids have more respect for them and they told me they feel like “life is good again” (their words not mine).

I know in my youth that none of my coaches in my sports or teachers at school ever had an ounce of the compassion and concern we have for our students. That’s why I came to Tiger Schulmann’s myself, to find a place that felt like people actually gave a damn! Where people truly cared where you were in your life, how you were doing, helping you succeed and asking why you didn’t show up when you got lazy or complacent.

I left a lucrative career behind me years ago, one that made me lots of money, but I felt hollow and I knew I couldn’t make a difference there. Ever since coming to Tiger Schulmann’s, as a student and then as an employee, my life has been incredibly FULL of laughter, joy, happiness, support, encouragement, and success! I have never, ever, regretted my decision!”


Sensei Holland
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