Tiger Schulmann’s

Is Karate in Your Child’s Backpack

Last Updated on September 23, 2014.




The school year has begun and all the kids are settled.  There is one type of kid that has settled and set his eyes on the  kids who lack confidence, or should I say “victim”, and the person I am talking about are BULLIES. This is the time where bullies pick their victims out, and those victims can already be abused by them, or they are finding a long term person to pick on.  My question is, are you protecting your children with the confidence from self defense.  My karate program builds true confidence in a child, and I would love to tell you how.

I use the discipline and structure of KARATE to get the techniques of MMA (mixed martial arts) across to my students.  There is no better discipline then Karate and that is why I intertwine it in my self defense program.  The most important life skill we can give our children is confidence from self defense.  Karate was great centuries ago when the Samurai would come around on there horse  to serve the shoguns that hired them and protect and expand their employers land or property.  The farmers would use their karate techniques to defend their land and family.  In today’s time we have the school yard bully that will try and grab your child and hold them on the ground while having himself or his friends hit your child.

This is where MMA comes into play.  Despite the size, gender and strength of the bully your child will be able to defend him or herself.  Plus, MMA will protect your child if they get attacked standing up or if tackled to the floor.  My self defense program will give your children the knowledge and ability to release and escape from a choke.   I know that might seem scary and turn you off from having your children learn MMA but, what if your son and daughter are being choked and there is no adult to stop it?  With the knowledge of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) your children can always protect themselves.

As beneficial as MMA is, we still need structure and discipline and that’s where Karate comes into play.  In each of my classes the instructor will command the class.  You’ll see it’s like the military, but fun!  The kids will wait there turn, stand in line and stand at attention.  Also, with discipline in the class we can so much more done in a short period of time.  Karate, old school structure with the modern self defense of MMA.