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Jimmie Rivera ROC Champion Write-up and Fight Footage

Last Updated on September 17, 2012.

Jimmie Rivera ROC Champion Write-up and Fight Footage

By: http://www.elmwoodparkmma.com

From the sound of the first bell to the last bell, Jimmie “El Terror” Rivera fought with heart and dedication.  In the first round, Roberts came out with a groin kick to Rivera and put the round on hold for a moment.  Punches and kicks came from Rivera so quick you almost need to watch it later on a computer, and slow it down to actually see what he is throwing.  Roberts fearing these barrages of kicks and punches tries to tie up with Rivera and put him against the cage.  Little did he know that Rivera broke two NJ State records for wrestling back in high school and Rivera quickly reversed him, putting Roberts to the cage!!!

Rivera’s strength and technique were apparent against that cage, Roberts was pinned against the fence only to try and defend against knee after knee kick, foot stomps, and punches, but he was unsuccessful as Rivera went to town on him.  The fight moves to the center of the cage, inside low kick with such power Roberts did not like that.  Suddenly, Roberts comes at Rivera with a cross punch, and with such grace, and timing Rivera beats him to it with a uppercut to the body, and followed it up with his famous hook punch, Rivera goes in for the finish, but unfortunately the first round comes quickly to an end.

Once the bell rang for the second round, Rivera quickly enters the center of the cage as Roberts throws a couple punches, all of which were blocked. Roberts throws a high Round Kick, Rivera blocks it and then throws a DEVASTATING inside low kick and collapses Roberts to the ground.  Once Roberts went down, Jimmie Rivera takes full advantage of the situation and gets on top throwing one Hammer Fist after the next, bringing the the crowd to their feet.

The fight winds up against the cage where Rivera is pinning Roberts to it before both men make it back to their feet.  The two men circle around each other and Roberts throws his own cross punch, but Jimmie ducks the punch and comes up with a hook punch to that sends Roberts flying a couple of feet.  With a beautiful Front Kick that comes up right into the solar plexus of Roberts, Rivera makes him think twice about getting in range of Rivera’s kicks.  Then with a beautiful Cross Hook combination by Rivera, Roberts kicks him in the groin. Seeing Rivera hurt a little bit, Roberts tries to capitalize on his opportunity and goes for a double leg takedown.  Needless to say, that attempt failed as Rivera sprawled to defend the takedown  Shortly after they both got to their feet and the second round came to an end.

With the third round beginning, Roberts knew he couldn’t match Rivera’s stand up so he came in and tried to take it to the ground.  Roberts does land a nice Round Kick in this round but soon ate a Front Kick to the face himself as Rivera kicks him square in the face with the bottom of his foot.  With more barrages of strikes in the third round, the fight comes to a close and Jimmie “El Terror” Rivera is announced the winner and still CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!