Tiger Schulmann’s

Joe Rogan Talks Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts

Last Updated on February 17, 2016.


Renowned UFC Color Commentator and lifetime martial arts practitioner, Joe Rogan hosts a weekly podcast discussing and debating all the hottest topics and trends in the mixed martial arts world.  On his February 6th, 2016 edition of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Rogan was joined by guests: Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Eddie Bravo, UFC Heavyweight Contender Brandon Schaub, and comedian Bryan Callen. While discussing unique jiu-jitsu submissions, Rogan recalled a high-level, one-of-kind submission that was unveiled during a fight in the UFC. A choke that still to this day has never been duplicated.


“There was one choke that I saw only once in the UFC…. by a kid that was a Tiger Schulmann student.” Rogan states. Rogan soon identified that Tiger Schulmann’s student as Nick Pace and the submission as the “Pace Choke”(referring to his December 2010 UFC submission victory over Will Campuzzano). With the panel of guests intrigued and amazed with how Nick was able to pull off such a submission, Rogan has the panel watching the “Pace Choke” Video Tutorial via Youtube. While observing the tutorial, UFC veteran, Tiger Schulmann’s Louis Gaudinot is quickly identified by Rogan because of Gaudinot’s trademark green hair.


Rogan and Eddie Bravo’s discussion soon shifted from the “Pace Choke” to their unbiased opinion of the Tiger Schulmann Martial Arts Organization as whole. “Tiger Schulmann’s is legit… You think Uriah Hall, this kid Nick Pace, Jimmie Rivera, there are a lot of really high level guys from Tiger Schulmann’s” says Rogan. “Tiger Schulmann’s is all about evolution,” says Eddie Bravo as he recounts the organization’s shift from its dominant karate roots to it’s complete martial arts offerings of today.  He further describes Tiger Schulmann’s as “open minded” and “modern.”  He concludes by praising their evolution in martial arts while pointing out how many other traditional arts associations have failed to do so.