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Karate Classes For Kids Builds Confidence

Last Updated on October 14, 2014.

Self Defense builds confidence not sports
Unfortunately kids that are not as talented as others take the bench, which destroys confidence.


Have you ever been to a little league game?  If so, then you must have noticed that there are certain kids that sit on the bench for the entire game. That’s just the nature of the beast.  If you’re good then you play, if you’re not then you get benched.  Now imagine if the same kid rides the bench each year that his parents make him play baseball or any other sport, it could decrease the kid’s confidence.

One of many reasons why I love Tiger Schulmann’s is that ALL kids participate.  Karate classes for kids is a great way to build a child’s confidence. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are, my karate classes for kid swill truly build the confidence and skill levels.  In each and everyone one of my classes, the structure of the class will remain the same, but the formats to our karate curriculum changes.  The kids will increase their focus and become physically stronger. Every time they hit the bag in their karate stances they will become empowered and confidence will start to develop!

Through consistent training in karate the student’s technique will be sharp and powerful!  The uncoordinated becomes coordinated.  The shy kids will shine with an outgoing personality, the weak becomes powerful, lack of discipline the kids follow directions and the in-confident becomes confident.  All of this is possible in my karate classes because every time a student comes that student trains.  Not only does the students always train, but some of our karate students grew up, stuck with Tiger Schulmann’s and now competes in the UFC.  Which is the elite of all fighting competitions in the entire world!  Goes to show you what a little classroom participation can do!