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Karate instills Self-Confidence in children through training

Last Updated on August 22, 2014.

The Karate Your Child Never Has to Use


If you’re a parent like me you’ll never want your child to ever get hurt, especially in a fight.  The problem is that if your child does not stand up for their selves then they will be mentally abused on a daily basis that can affect them for the rest of their lives. This is what bullies do on a daily basis to millions of children every day.  Studies show 1 in 6 students are regularly bullied.

Do not let your child be another statistic!

 A TSMMA student standing strong and focused in her Defensive Stance during class.
TSMMA student focused in their Defensive Stance.

A bully will not stop bullying someone until that child does something and puts an end to it. Self-Confidence is key to stop bullying. When a child walks around with confidence a bully tends to find a weaker target. It is survival of the fittest. A bully does not want to fight they want to pick on someone weak who will not do anything to defend their selves.  What our students learn here at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Stamford, Ct in every class is how to become Self-Confident! Every class your child will can more confidence that will make each day more successful for them in life.

Nobody wants to fight or be embarrassed, the bullies included.  A bully will think twice before picking on a student from Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts because they will realize that our children are confident and know how to defend their selves. Could you imagine your son or daughter being able to beat up a bully just by the way they walk around? That comes from Self-Confidence that they will get from training here at Tiger Schulmann’s in Stamford Ct.

Tiger Schulmann's Stamford student being focus and sitting strong during his training.
Child sitting strong and focused

When a person trains here at the Stamford Tiger Schulmann’s he or she will know how to defend himself with his hands and legs using his Karate and Kickboxing.  Then our kids grappling class they’ll learn how to defend him or herself on the ground.  True confidence will develop and bullies will pick up on that.  Like we always say, “the best self defense is a self defense your child will never have to use.”

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Give the most important tool your child life, “SELF-CONFIDENCE.” Bring them in for a Free Trial Class here at Tiger Schulmann’s of Stamford, Ct and see for yourself why we change children’s lives every day in Fairfield County. You can set up an appointment on our website or you can call us at 203-388-1091.