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Karate Kids use Bully Shield to stop Bullies

Last Updated on September 29, 2014.

On Saturday October 18th we at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA will be hosting our FREE “Bully Shield” seminar. This is an education for kids and parents alike teaching them the right way to handle the bullying epidemic that has been devastating our country. We hope to empower all with the tools and strength to stand up to bullies and say “No!!!!”

Bully Shield Seminar in Mount Kisco New York to teack kids the proper way to stop bullying
Tiger Schulmann’s Mount Kisco will be hosting our “Bully Shield Seminar” to teach kids the proper way to stop bullying.

Bullies have been torturing kids for far to long. There are thousands of good kids that fear going to school more than they fear the boogie man. I don’t want to even get into the drastic steps so many have taken in the mere hopes of ending the abuse they have had to endure at the hands of bullies. It is so frustrating to me because I feel this is a very easy problem to solve. When bullies try to do their bullying thing, the victim, or hopefully intended victim needs to stand up to these bullies and say loud and clear “No! Not me.”

“Martial arts provides our kids the tools they need to stand up to bullies. Self Defense and Self Confidence. With these tools they take the power away from bullies and empower themselves.”

It is easy for someone like me to say that the victims need to be the ones to stop bullies. I have been bullied in the past and was forced to defend myself. Since that time I’ve been training Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and MMA on a daily basis. This has been going on for over 25 years. In that time I’ve been knocked down and thrown around by world class fighters like UFC Superstars Louis “Goodnight” Gaudinot and Nick “Pretty Boy” Pace. I’ve experienced the things that the victims of bullies are so very afraid and come to learn that it’s not that bad. When someone trains in the martial arts they learn that sometimes you have to take a few shots. The more it happens the less scary it becomes. Most fights in school last less then 10 seconds. Now as you read this please take 10 seconds and count out loud. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Ok good. Not that long is it. Training allows kids to face that fear, conquer that fear and turn that fear against these bullies. Standing up and showing a bully you are not afraid of a fight stops the bullying almost every time.

I am a parent of an amazing 9 year old boy named LJ. He is such a good kid with nothing but good intentions towards all. He just wants to have fun all day with whoever is around. I can’t imagine him ever even thinking of join bullies as they try to torment other kids. With all that being said I know that there will be some kids that will view his kindness as a weakness. If I allowed him to go into an environment where the mere possibility of bullies trying to harass or harm him without a basic knowledge of how to defend himself I’d not be doing my job as his father. As parents we are responsible for our childrens safety. When we are not there with them we can not depend on schools to keep them safe. The policies in place now are more concerned with liability than responsibility. We must give our kids the necessary tools to protect themselves. These tools are Self Defense and Self Confidence and both are gained through martial arts training.

LJ used martial arts to leearn how to stand up to bullies
LJ is one of the sweetest, kindest kids you will ever meet. Some bullies would mistake this kindness for weakness. His martial arts training has given the tools he needs to stand up to those bullies and say “No! Not me.”

Without the proper tools our kids are vulnerable. The bullies have all the power and are anxious to use it. Give that power back to your kids. Take it from the bullies and give it to those who need it more. My seminar is free and effective. It teaches kids the right way to stop the bullies from bullying without having to resort to violence. We empower them with the best weapon possibly, knowledge. Knowledge that allows them to over come the fear of the situation and provide them the courage to do what is right.