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Karate-The Most Important back to School Supply

Last Updated on September 2, 2014.


Karate Kids Build Their Confidence
Karate kids are focused and confident


It’s that time again, summer is over and back to the norm.  It’s back to school time and the shopping list is coming out.  I’m sure pens, pencils, notebooks and many other items are on the list.  Just one question, is karate on that list?  I know that might seem silly to you but it’s not.  The confidence your children will get from karate is the key to his or her success in school.

Just think about it, lets say your child is in school and he or she has a bully behind him/her.  Your child does not know how to defend him or herself and the bully whispers in the ear of your child “after school today I am going to kick your butt”, how can you expect your child to be able to learn in an environment not knowing how to defend themselves with karate.

It’s easier said than done to tell your  children to be confident or act confident.  They need to feel it.  Coming to to my karate school the kids achieve and through achievements kids build confidence, but it’s through our karate program kids build security and that security leads to confidence.

All of the kids that walk through my doors and learn karate become empowered!  They’ll know to to handle themselves in any situation despite the size, strength and gender of the bully.  When your child has this confidence in them then they can learn, and when they learn and do well in school they’ll bring that report card home you can be proud of.  So I ask you, is KARATE on your back to school supply list?