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Kickboxing in Hoboken that gets results and is fun at the same time !

Last Updated on February 3, 2015.

We all know the yo-yo diet and exercise routine many people go through. You may have a high school reunion or vacation at the beach to attend and so you make the unexciting trip to the gym, throw a magazine on the treadmill so you don’t see the timer and get to work.

Very spacious mat in the TSMMA Hoboken location for Kickboxing classes
Large workout area for Hoboken Kickboxing classes

The magnitude of the event means you stay running even when you look under the magazine to find the half hour you thought had already gone by has really only been five minutes. The problem with this dull workout is that many of us don’t have the self discipline to keep this workout going once the event we were getting ready for has ended. So we fall back into our unhealthy eating habits and stop working out.

Head instructor sets example to his kickboxing students.
Sensei Louis Gaudinot’s own sculpted physique is inspiration to his adult students.

This is where Sensei Louis Gaudinot helps so many Hoboken, NJ students find real weight loss results. His students love the kickboxing workout and actually look forward to coming to class as opposed to going to the dull workout at the gym.

Weight Loss For Long Term With Hoboken, NJ Kickboxing

Instead the stress relieving class helps students have a secondary goal to fall back on when the first goal has already been passed. Even better Gaudinot is a lifelong martial artist who teaches real street wise self defense in his cardio kickboxing class. In a one hour class students will burn anywhere from 800- 1000 calories.  Not only are his students having fun but they are getting results.

Sensei Gaudinot knows what it is to have a weight goal and reach it. He is a professional fighter that has to make weight for each of his fights. He uses his expert knowledge of nutrition with his knowledge of kickboxing to help his students. By teaching them to make healthy lifestyle choices he helps them make tremendous weight loss and keep it off long term.

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