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Kickboxing in Wayne Provides Total Fitness

Last Updated on November 18, 2014.

How is the gym working out for you?  For a select few people it provides all the results advertised.  For the vast majority it provides a disposal for your hard earned income.  Tried kickboxing lately?

Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s not only provides an amazing workout, but also develops and teaches the concepts of self defense.  In fact, it is this aspect of Tiger Schulmann’s Complete Self Defense program that gets you into great shape.

Kickboxing will get you in great shape
Total Fitness Through Kickboxing

The complete self defense program not only includes kickboxing to teach the authentic kickboxing techniques, but also close range defense and sparring.  Like mentioned earlier it is this aspect that helps you achieve total fitness.  How?

You will totally focus on learning the concepts of self defense.  You will try to make every technique faster and stronger than the one before it.  Your effort will increase through concentration on the activity instead of the workout.  You will get lost in the moment of trying to accomplish the task at hand and will give no thought to the sweat, increased heart rate or muscle fatigue you feel.  Kickboxing class will get you in great shape without even thinking about it!

Kickboxing gets you fit without the drudgery of the treadmill!!
Total Fitness While Learning Self Defense

How many times have you gone to the gym and had to put that much concentration into lifting weights, running on the treadmill or riding the bike?  Probably never.  Every kickboxing class is exercising your mind as well as your body.  Sometimes the mind is required to work harder…

Kickboxing class isn’t about just punching and kicking.  It’s more about developing the footwork, balance, movement and skill to do all these things while punching and kicking.

Kickboxing will keep you in shape all year round
Kickboxing will keep you fit all year round

So if you are tired of disposing your income at the gym you rarely go to, then try Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing and Complete Self Defense program.  Not only will you see and feel results in just a few classes, but you will learn a complete system of self defense…

The Wayne Kickboxing School is conveniently located near Pequannock at 1605 Route 23 South in the Brentwood Shopping Center, with Party City, Chuck E Cheese and directly next door to Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing of Wayne NJ at (973)694-3495


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