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Kickboxing is More Than Just Fitness

Last Updated on September 16, 2014.

students in the kickboxing class
Beginner Kickboxing Class


Where do most people go to get in shape?  You would say the gym, and for a very long time that would be true, but, most people are joining cardio kickboxing gyms to use as their fitness program.  The question is, are you getting the most from your workout?

People now are leaving the gyms due to lack  of motivation, it being to time consuming, it’s not enjoyable and the workouts are mindless, which means not much thought goes into the exercises at the gym.  So, how can you escape from your daily stresses?

This is why cardio kickboxing classes are now the choice of fitness.  In our classes here the students have motivation from the beginning of the class to the end.  Besides motivation, each and everyone of the Tiger Schulmann’s instructors will actually teach proper technique to ensure safety during training, and also our students leave with a sense of accomplishment due to the fact of getting each punch, kick and combination correctly!

Also, each and everyone of my classes are an hour!  If you live in the Tri-State area time is a commodity that we don’t have much of.  Life is just to hectic, so who has all the time in the world to waste?  If you want a complete workout at the gym you need to hit the treadmill, hit the weights and find time to stretch.   To do this all properly it can take you up to two hours, but my KICKBOXING classes are just one hour!

What most people need is an escape from their daily stresses.  My kickboxing classes will get your mind so engaged in the training it will be impossible to think about any of your daily worries.  Each and everyone of my kickboxing classes you will go on a one hour mini vacation!

What I find the most important part of my kickboxing program is that it is authentic self defense.   In all of my kickboxing classes you will learn how to properly throw a punch and kick.  All of my students learn concepts for self defense which allows them to put combinations together that will effectively defend them from any size attacker.  My kickboxing program empowers children, men and woman.

While most people just get a great workout at a cardio kickboxing school, all of my students get an amazing workout here while learning how to defend themselves.  I always like to say, “my kickboxing program is a fitness program with a kick”.