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Kickboxing Leads TSMMA Feasterville Woman to 50 Pound Weight Loss

Last Updated on December 4, 2013.

Kickboxing Spurs Change

Kelsey Van Sant never envisioned weighing 250 pounds. In fact stepping on the scale and seeing it was more than just a mental shock. She actually had a physical reaction. At only 24 years old she knew she needed to make some changes.

Holland Woman Stopped Smiling When She Saw The Scale!

That’s when the life long Holland, Pennsylvania resident called Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Feasterville. Her friend Cynthia had recently begun training and felt it would be a perfect fit for Kelsey.

That wasn’t how she felt on day one though!

“I knew it was going to be tough, I was really out of shape,” she says laughing. “First couple of classes were hell. I couldn’t do the second round of strength training (round 10 of the workout), I got dizzy, I had to sit down. But each class it got a little better. My stamina came back a little bit. I started losing weight!”

Weight Loss Can Be Fun

What started out as two one hour classes a week soon turned into three, then four and now as many as her job will allow.

Since September of 2012 Kelsey has been training consistently and Kickboxing Classes have taken care of the rest!

“Fifty three pounds, I lost over 14 months.”

Kelsey Cut A Slimmer Figure After 53 Pound Weight Loss!

Not only has she lost the weight she initially set out to, but class has had a dramatic impact in other ways.

“I feel fantastic, more energy, better mood, handle stress a little better, all around more positive attitude.”

Why Martial Arts Worked

Kelsey had tried the gym, but boring runs on the treadmill, or climbing away on the elliptical left her bored and made it impossible to stay consistent. On top of that watching the calorie counter was depressing as the number only ticked up slowly.

VanSant Perfects Technique While Shedding Pounds!

 Kickboxing class was a totally different story. Kelsey not only got an incredible workout every time she went, but the hour flew by. Now she found a workout she could actually enjoy for the rest of her life.

Class was helping her lose the unwanted pounds but at the same time it was giving her an added sense of Confidence in everything else she does.

“I can kick someone’s #$S!” Kelsey says with a grin.

She passed her initial goal only a year into her training, but now she has a new goal.

“I want to be a Black Belt, I just think it’s going to be so cool to put that Belt on!”

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By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville