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Kickboxing Makes Weight Loss Happen For Mother of Two

Last Updated on March 18, 2014.

TSMMA Abington Father’s Night Makes Mom’s Goal Reality

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It was Caroline Park’s husband who first sparked her interest in Tiger Schulmann’s. The couple had signed up their five year old son Graham with Sensei James Garzillo. Dad and son were invited to a Father’s night class a couple months later. When Sean got home he encouraged his wife to try. She hasn’t looked back since.

 Caroline was looking for something to help her with weight loss. At 39 years old she had put on unwanted pounds and her current routine wasn’t getting results. That included walking around her neighborhood three or four times a week for three miles and watching what she was eating. One class at TSMMA and it all changed.

“I knew immediately that this was what I needed to reshape my body,” says Spark. “During my first 6 months, I really improved my cardio conditioning and toned up quite a bit, however my weight loss was only about 8 lbs.”

Lower Gwynedd Woman Sees Amazing Weight Loss

The wheels had been set in motion though and Garzillo then invited Spark to join a 60 Day Challenge. That’s where Tiger Schulmann’s Abington students join together to marry training with a more strict nutrition regimen. The results for Spark were staggering.

Spark loves the cardio workout of TSMMA's Kickboxing program while building lean muscle and increasing her energy!
Spark loves the cardio workout of TSMMA’s Kickboxing program which also builds lean muscle and increases her energy!

 “I attended Sensei Garzillo’s nutritional seminar. He explained how to boost my metabolism by eating smaller more frequent meals and provided information on what foods to avoid and which to eat more of. I followed his suggestions and lost about 20 lbs during the 60 day challenge.”

TSMMA Abington Nutrition and Kickboxing work together to ‘Spark’ Weight Loss

During the two months of the challenge Spark created a habit she has been able to maintain in the year since. Instead of a diet the 60 Day Challenge helped her create a lifestyle she has been able to maintain. Now she has dropped a total of 45 pounds and is fully invested in her training.

Abington Kickboxing Keeps Training Exciting For Lower Gwynedd Mom

“I love it. I started (Intermediate Kickboxing) class about a year ago and just recently began Close Range Defense. There is so much detail to learn that it never gets boring.”

Spark takes Close Range Defense classes, learning how to defend herself if an attacker gets past her punches and kicks.
Spark takes Close Range Defense classes, learning how to defend herself if an attacker gets past her punches and kicks.

 That last part is why so many of Garzillo’s Abington students have seen successful weight loss. Many diet and workout fads help students lose weight, only to gain more back. Spark has kept the weight off for nearly two years and still looks forward to going to class.

Abington Instructor Pushes Lower Gwynedd Mother

“Sensei Garzillo is a very motivational. I always say that listening to him speak to us as we are stretching at the end of class is better than going to church!!! His message keeps me focused on why I joined the program, and why I stay in the program.”

 The Lower Gynedd woman says many of the talks resonate. Not dwelling on problems and taking control over the things you want to change, eating healthy and taking care of your body as you only get one. These are all messages that help her maintain her new body!

New Goals Replace Weight Loss For Spark

Now that she has achieved her initial goal of getting in amazing shape, Spark has some new goals to help keep her that way.

“I plan to continue training and improving my skills in Close Range Defense and Kickboxing and hope someday to be good enough to achieve earning my blackbelt.”

In the short term Spark concentrates on the process, heading to TSMMA Abington on her scheduled days no matter what kind of day she’s having. She says Garzillo has taught her to enjoy her training no matter what as staying home only makes her feel worse than having the mental toughness to stick to her routine.

The increased confidence in Spark resulted from the myriad benefits of TSMMA Abington.
The increased confidence in Spark resulted from weight loss and the myriad of other benefits at TSMMA Abington.

Her improved appearance and conditioning combined with knowledge of self-defense have all combined to give her increased confidence. It’s an amazing benefit she didn’t necessarily expect when she first started the program.

Family Trains Together

Now Caroline trains at TSMMA Abington along with her son and daughter. Both love Sensei Garzillo’s children’s classes and the three motivate each other with each new stripe and belt!

Just one more reason it’s been easy for Spark to stay consistent long after most workout programs have grown boring. Weight Loss is done but Spark will continue to keep those pounds off and TSMMA will always be a positive part of the Lower Gwynedd family’s life.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell