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Kids Karate Is More Than Just Fighting – Here Are 7 Ways It Keeps Kids Healthy

Last Updated on January 3, 2023.


Childhood obesity is more than a minor concern for parents – in 2023, it’s an epidemic. In the increasingly digital and sedentary world we live in, it’s becoming harder and harder for parents to keep their kids active and healthy.

Practicing martial arts is one of the best indoor activities for kids. Not only do they get much needed exercise, there are countless other benefits. At Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts, our instructors create a safe environment where kids can learn healthy habits, gain confidence, and stay fit.

Here are 7 ways that karate classes for kids keep kids healthy.

1. Kids Karate Classes Help Burn Fat and Control Weight.

Nearly one in five children in the United States is obese – well beyond the threshold of what constitutes an epidemic. Obesity is a potentially lethal condition that affects cardiovascular fitness and overall health.

There’s simply no way to control weight without exercise. By attending karate classes for kids, students at Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts get some much needed physical activity. Kids move their bodies and burn calories while learning karate skills, helping them control their weight with a fun and engaging activity.

2. Kids Karate Classes Give Kids an Outlet to Spend Energy

Even obese children have Energizer-Bunny levels of energy. Parents who might consider themselves fit often have difficulty keeping up with their kids.

At Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts, our karate classes keep kids engaged physically and mentally. The combination of learning new skills with physical activity is the perfect recipe for kids to spend their energy – leaving them happier, healthier, and giving their parents some much needed down time at the house!

3. Kids Karate Classes Teaches Healthy Habits and Nutrition

The secret to combating childhood obesity is to instill kids with healthy habits from an early age. By attending a martial arts school, kids learn patience, discipline, and confidence – three factors that play a huge role in developing healthy eating habits.

While nutritional education is not normally part of a traditional martial arts school program, kids in karate classes are equipped with the skills that translate into making healthier decisions. Honor and respect are core tenets of traditional martial arts – not just for their teachers, parents, and elders, but also for themselves.

4. Karate Classes Reduce Rates of Unhealthy Habits

At the same time that kids’ karate classes facilitate healthy habits, they can also reduce the rates of unhealthy habits. Impulsivity is one of the principal obesity symptoms; obese adults and children are more likely to stress eat, binge eat, and binge watch television in response to environmental stressors. 

Having a healthy outlet like a martial arts school helps kids control these negative impulses. By increasing their awareness through physical exercise, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques, children in karate classes are equipped with the skills needed to identify – and stop – the unhealthy habits that contribute to childhood obesity.

5. Martial Arts Teaches Kids to Develop a Healthy Sleep Cycle

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, children who are sleep deprived are more likely to become obese. Additionally, sleep apnea is a common obesity symptom, making it even harder for obese kids to get enough sleep. This creates a vicious cycle in which sleep deprivation makes it harder for the kids to have the energy to exercise, making it harder to control their weight, which in turn makes it harder for them to get a good night’s sleep.

One of the easiest ways to develop healthy sleeping habits for kids is to enroll them in a martial arts school. Physical activity is one of the best ways to regulate sleep patterns, according to John Hopkins Medicine. By moving around and learning karate skills, kids gain the benefits of exercise that create healthy sleeping habits.

6. Karate Classes Develop Confidence and A Spirit of Healthy Competition

Anyone who has ever been overweight understands how impactful obesity can be on a person’s self-confidence. Overcoming body image issues can be debilitating for kids who need to begin a weight loss program. As childhood obesity continues to increase in the U.S., it’s increasingly important for kids to have confidence in their abilities to lead healthier and happier lives.

At Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts, the mental, physical, and psychological development of our students is our highest priority. Well beyond the scope of exercise, kids who participate in martial arts believe in themselves, have a healthy attitude towards competition, and strive to be the best versions of themselves.

7. Active Kids Grow Up to be Active Adults

Battling childhood obesity in America doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. By teaching healthy habits to kids at an early age, they are set up for more active and healthy lives as adults.

Enrolling your kids in a martial arts school teaches them the value of physical activity at an early age – which provides health benefits well into adulthood. In fact, one study found that the largest predictor of health amongst World War II veterans was whether or not they participated in sports as a kid!