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Kids Learn Improved Focus Through Kickboxing

Last Updated on August 22, 2014.

The Art of Imitation: Discipline and Focus Through Kickboxing

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case, then the instructors of the Tiger Schulmann’s  MMA of Vails Gate should be delighted that their students emulate their every move. The very precise and calculated techniques that each student learns during kickboxing classes are consistent throughout the organization. Students learn self defense with the proper body mechanics and presentation to ensure efficiency, safety and competence with every move. Sensei- Jose Montes and Joshu Shane Burgos are among the elite instructors in this establishment who take pride in their students achievements as they continue to grow as martial artists.

Imitation in kickboxing class

Brandon mirrors Sensei Montes’ front kick during kickboxing class

Both men have gained both the respect and admiration of their students in both the kids and adult kickboxing classes. But the children’s kickboxing classes are where you can see wonder and amazement ensue. As each child stands at attention, their eyes and ears remain focused on the swiftness of each strike and the sounds of the heavybags when a demonstration commences from either instructor. The pounding of a glove meeting the bag, the slap of a round kick, and each brisk exhalation during  a combination are just a few of the significant noises you can hear when you enter the school to witness a kickboxing class. Naturally, children want to reproduce the quick, seamless appearance of each combo and aim to attack the bags as hard as they can at first.  But as  they progress as martial artists, both instructors teach the kids that power does not come from strength, but from precision and control. This message appears to translate into everyday life and activities that become the hallmark of a successful child. Many parents have attributed improved behaviors at home, school and during play to the structured methods taught during kickboxing classes within the walls of TSMMA.

Standing at attention

Sempai Ryan Burgos remains focused and disciplined during kickboxing class

Sensei and Joshu have been an integral part of helping several children grow and flourish both on and off the mat. To a child, these men are a symbol of strength, power and invincibility that provides an initial spark of fascination, that in time, eventually develops into respect, compliance and dedication. These qualities are among several reputable traits that any parent would be happy to have their child imitate.


By Lauren Rose