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Last Day to Order – Top 7 Reasons to Get your TSMMA School T-Shirt and Hoodie

Last Updated on November 15, 2012.

By: Dax Alexander – TSMMA Manhattan

Last day to Order New TSMMA school t-shirts and hooides is Today 11/15/12! Here are 7 good reasons why you should be hitting the order button right now.

7. Black goes with everything
In today’s fashion-savvy world, it’s important that you convey both a sense of style and originality. Basic black is by far the most trendy of all colors, and it goes with every color, season and occasion. With your school name printed crisply on the back above the TSMMA logo, you’ll be the envy of all fashion-conscious minds.

6. In case you get lost
Let’s say you wake up somewhere with no earthly idea of where you are or how you got there. Well, if you’re wearing your school t-shirt or hoodie, there’s no need to worry. With its clearly legible font and bright white and red logo, you will be instantly recognized as an MMA practitioner who should be somewhere training. Any passerby would point you in the direction of your home Tiger Schulmann school so you can rejoin your brethren and sistren in kickboxing class.

5. Because you have fights to go to
The next few months are going to be spectacular for TSMMA. We have students and instructors with fights coming up, and you’ll need to wear something fancy to these events (See reason #7). Don’t even think about putting on civilian clothes. You’re better than that. The only thing in your wardrobe worthy of said outings is a TSMMA school hoodie and matching t-shirt. They will show your school pride, and that great figure you’ve developed.

4. In case there’s school-vs.-school Kung-Fu battle
Remember those old Kung Fu movies in which rival dojos went to war. Well, wearing your TSMMA school t-shirt or hoodie will show that you’re on team TSMMA along with hundreds of fellow students from all over the Northeast and Florida. No mere kung-fu rival would dare approach you. OK, this one is a personal fantasy of mine and would never happen, but it would be pretty cool.

3. The COC
What has three letters, happens twice a year and is awesome? (Don’t say pie. That doesn’t even make sense.) It’s the COC, silly. Every June and December, students from Tiger Schulmann’s schools come together at the Challenge of Champions (COC). Did you know that the COC is the largest MMA competition in the country? So, the only thing better than wearing your TSMMA shirt at such a prestigious event is wearing one with your school’s name printed on it. So, whether you’re competing, volunteering or going to support others make sure you order yours today so it arrives in time!

2. Because you’re a [email protected]#$, and everyone should know it
Let’s just call it. You train. You train hard. Whether you’re hitting the bag in beginner kickboxing, sparring or taking it to the ground and grappling, you’re doing some of the most intense exercise ever conceived by humankind. That’s something to be proud of, and there’s nothing like a TSMMA hoodie and t-shirt to tell the world at large that you can handle yourself. Crowds parting as you walk through them would not be unheard of.

1. Assist Sensei Domingo with relief and rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy.
Long time Sensei and School Owner Vincent Domingo (TSMMA Garden City) and his family were greatly impacted by Hurricane Sandy’s devastation. Residing in Massapequa, NY, the Domingo family experienced 5 feet of sewage water and falling trees destroying their house, car, and all personal belongings. Sensei and his family have only the clothes on their back. Tigear will be donating a portion of the proceeds on all orders of Custom-Printed School Uniform Tees, Pullover Hoodies, and Zip Jackets to Sensei Domingo and his family.


Did I mention that the hoodie has a zip-up version?

Stop reading. Go order. Then go train!