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Louis Gaudinot Returns to UFC Cage

Last Updated on August 31, 2013.


By: Sensei Thad Campbell

Louis Gaudinot did what Louis Gaudinot does Saturday night at UFC 164, put in a show of heart and toughness.

Gaudinot endured a 16 month layoff because of injury after his fight of the night debut in the UFC’s flyweight division.  That guillotine victory over Jon Lineker had “Goodnight” in the upper echelon of the UFC’s lightest weight class.

He faced a stern test in Tim Elliot. Elliot has been active in the last year and a half, himself climbing up the ranks.

The two young fighters did nothing to disappoint as they began the fight trading shots.  Unfortunately for Gaudinot , Elliot’s most significant early strike was a double eyepoke.  That happened only fifteen seconds into the fight.

Elliot landed an early takedown but Gaudinot threatened an armbar and Elliot chose to standup out of the high guard.

Gaudinot landed some very strong low kicks as well as a solid cross but Elliot once again got a takedown and was able to hold Gaudinot down.

The second round featured a near miss on a spinning fist by Gaudinot as well as more low kicks.  Once again Elliot was able to answer with takedowns.  Gaudinot threatened a guillotine in defending the takedown but Elliot was able to escape the choke.  Something he would do a few times during the fight.

The third round featured another heart racing moment as Gaudinot landed a high kick that looked to land flush on Elliot’s face.

All credit to Elliot who matched Gaudinot’s incredible pace and heart throughout the fight.  Elliot was able to secure multiple takedowns in every round and that earned him the decision.

Gaudinot represented himself and Team TSMMA the way we would have expected with heart and determination.  All of Gaudinot’s fans can be proud of his performance and will look forward to his next fight in the UFC!