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Lyman Good Believes a Win Over Matt Secor is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Last Updated on June 13, 2014.



Former Bellator welterweight champion, Lyman Good knows he belongs in the UFC and believes that by beating Matt Secor (4-1) at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 36 on June 21, he will prove it.

The New York native became a free agent in July of 2013, putting an end to his long stint with Bellator. Shortly after, Good tried out for season 19 of “The Ultimate Fighter.” Good moved up a weight class when he tried out for the show. Good was eliminated by Ian Stephens via decision before he could make it into the TUF house. That was Good’s time to prove that he belonged inside the octagon, but unfortunately he fell short. “No training session goes by where I don’t replay the experience and use it to grind myself through the grueling sessions that will help me win and prove that I do belong in the UFC!” Good said.

Good now faces a TUF veteran in Secor. Secor was on TUF 16 where he made it into the house, but was eliminated in the first round via a controversial decision. Secor has only been defeated once in his professional career. Secor most recently earned a first round arm-bar over Joshua Key at CFFC 27. Secor has been accomplished in his short career and Good knows whats Secor is capable of. ”I know that with the tools and skill-set that Matt brings to the table it will prove that a win over someone like him warrants stepping into the UFC octagon,” Good said.

Good has prepared for this fight both physically and mentally. Good said that he has brought in some Russian wrestlers to help with his wrestling. Good said that it is tough work, but the intensity is right up his alley. Good also wraps his mind into the fight. “I psychologically prep. I have Matt as my screensaver on my phone. I watch interviews on him, I study him, I indulge in every form of mental preparation so he never leaves my mind until the fight. Keeps me focused,” Good said.

Good is a very experienced fighter who has fought some of the best in the world. Along this journey, he has learned a lot through different experiences. Good has learned what is important and what is not. One of the most important lessons he learned was that it is easy to stand by someone when they are up, but much harder when they are down. “When you’re on top, everyone stands beside you. When you’re at the bottom, very few will stand by your side,” Good said. “I’ve lost to the best in the sport and have been at crossroads where I understand people’s loyalty now. It’s helped shape me as a fighter because you’re extra certain over who to value and cherish. That gives me a certain solitude I had when I won 10 straight fights and earned the Bellator Welterweight Title.”

The New York native is at the point in his career where he knows that he belongs in the UFC and that is all he wants. Good has changed both mentally and physically to make sure that his dream becomes a reality. A win over Secor may not put Good into the Octagon, but it could be an excellent start. Good is no longer tied with Bellator and wants to be known more than as the former Bellator champion. He is in search to be known as Lyman Good, the UFC welterweight.