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Martial Arts Classes Teach Self Defense and Fitness

Last Updated on November 18, 2014.

There are two components to Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts Adult Program. The first is physical conditioning and the second is self defense.

Part 1 Physical Conditioning!

Any effective fitness program is going to consist of three parts. Cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and flexibility.

Cardio will give you more energy and burn calories.There is nothing worse than waking up tired, feeling sluggish all day long and then just wanting to “veg” in front of the TV when you get home from work.  A good workout involving cardiovascular training will boost your energy levels.  Increased energy will make you feel better and allow you to do the things you enjoy or just keep up with the kids! Our martial program will really push your cardio.

Martial arts classes really hit your cardio
Burning calories and increasing energy levels through cardio training

Burning calories is what people think of when they picture working out.  Performing an activity over and over again until your sweating and feeling fatigue.  Just one of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Classes will burn over 800 calories in an hour.  One of the best calorie burning workouts as studied and reported by Newsday Magazine.

Strength training builds muscle.  Burning calories helps get rid of the fat tissue, and strength training builds the new leaner muscle tissue. This lean muscle will improve your appearance and make you stronger.  Every martial arts class is full strength building exercises, punches, kicks, push-ups, crunches, squats, and even burpees!

Martial arts classes always end with a few rounds of body weight exercises
Squats build lean muscle as well as hitting your cardio

This lean muscle will also increase your metabolism.  Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy.  A higher metabolism will give you the feeling of having more energy and will actually help you burn more calories.  Every martial arts class builds metabolism increasing muscle.

Flexibility just so happens to be the most neglected part of many workout programs, even though it equally important as strength training and cardio.  Flexibility will help increase your range of motion and prevent injury.  Every Martial Arts class ends with a complete stretch to help in these areas.  People very often hurt themselves doing something they’ve done a thousand times before that never should have hurt them.  Not to mention feeling sore and stiff in areas that could be relieved with a stretching routine.

Martial arts class always involve stretching
A proper cool down is the perfect opportunity to stretch

So to sum it all up, Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts will help you achieve total fitness which includes Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility.  Hitting a heavy bag, muay thai pad or punch mitt will give resistance to help build the muscles stronger.  A 10 round high intensity workout will build cardio. And a complete stretch will help you cool down and improve range of motion.

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