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Last Updated on September 3, 2014.

Lose Weight and Get in Shape with Martial Arts Classes

Students at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts are training hard and getting in shape.  Hundreds of students have lost weight as adults in kickboxing class and built confidence in the kids martial arts class.  Adults who lose weight can change their lives because of it.  Kids who build confidence will put an end to all issues they’ve ever had with bullies .

Martial Arts Training must include muscular conditioning
Every Martial Arts Class ends with a few rounds of strength training

Kids learn to be tougher and become more self sufficient as they continue their martial arts training.  The Kids Martial Arts Program at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA will not only get your child in shape, but teach them to be tougher through intense core, kickboxing and grappling classes.  Toughness is not just standing strong in the face of adversity, but choosing the right path when the choice to make the wrong one is available.

Kids Martial Arts will build Confidence Like Nothing Else Can.

Kids martial arts classes will teach self defense and build confidence
Kids building confidence.


Kids who train at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed MArtial Arts not only build confidence to help them stand up to bullies, try new things and not give in to peer pressure, but they have a great time doing so.  What better activity for a kid then one provides incredible fun for them, but also prepares them for the harsh world we live in.

martial arts will build confidence all while having fun
The most important part of any martial arts program is that the kids have fun!


Adults who train in MMA always sweat themselves into better shape, improving their muscular strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility.  All three aspects are present in every class, every workout, every time you walk through the doors and step on the mat.  Mixed Martial Arts classes will not only get anyone into amazing shape, but provide stress relief.  Imagine if you could completely forget about the stresses of your day two to three times each and every week!

Beginner Martial Arts teaches anyone technique and fitness
Beginner Kickboxing teaches technique and provides a great workout


We can’t always be on vacation, except maybe one or two weeks a year.  Taking a break from your daily worries and stresses while in class gives you that mini-vacation everyone needs to reduce stress levels.

 So whether you are looking for that great workout or stress reliever, or it’s your child who needs to build a little confidence, come to Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts for the exclusive 10 round workout in the kickboxing class or have the kids martial arts program inject confidence into the lives of the people you love the most!


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