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Martial Arts Students in Wayne Getting Ready for Competition

Last Updated on October 30, 2014.


The Challenge of Champions will be unrolling its mats again this December at the Raritan Center in Edison NJ.  Thousands of competitors are gearing up now preparing for this, the largest Mixed Martial Arts tournament of its kind in the country.

Martial Arts Tournament
The largest martial arts tournament in the northeast will be held in December.

Many martial arts organizations hold tournaments.  Many of them are discipline specific, forms, weapons, point sparring and grappling only.  Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has been holding this one of a kind competition twice a year for 18 years now.  Some students compete in grappling only, and others enroll in the sparring competition, not point sparring where a referee stops the action every time contact is made though; continuous sparring, similar to a boxing or professional kickboxing match where the judges use the 10 point must system to determine the winner. 

Martial arts also involves grappling
Adults and kids get into grappling at the Challenge of Champions

The third type of event, MMA is the most realistic form of self defense.  MMA combines kickboxing with wrestling and grappling, what you see on television in the UFC.  So a student can not only stand up and deliver strikes to their opponent, but if they choose to go to the ground or somehow end up there, the competition will continue.  Mixed Martial Arts is exactly that, the combination of many forms of martial arts so that whatever is needed can be used to prepare the individual for any situation.

Martial arts tournament champion


Being prepared, just like the boy scouts motto is what Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts is all about. 

Kids and adults from the Wayne school are putting in extra time and effort to prepare themselves for the upcoming tournament in December.  Some are even training every day.  Kids Martial Arts classes are filling up and getting busier as the competition approaches.  Adults compete as well.

The Martial Arts will teach any person to be more confident.  Mixed Martial Arts is the key to being prepared for any situation.  So if you are a parent and are looking to get your child into KARATE, look for a school that teaches MMA!  No school will teach your kids as well as Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts.

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