World Class Kickboxing Championships 4 Results


World Class Kickboxing Championships 4

Date: October 3rd, 2015

275 E. Milton Avenue Rahway, New Jersey

Jeremy Garcia (Bay Ridge) vs Denia Alpken

Garcia won via Unanimous Decision

Jeremy shined in his debut for Team Tiger Schulmann’s. He kept the pressure on Alpken for all 3 rounds, landing impressive combinations. Great debut performance for Jeremy.

Danny Rivera (Elmwood Park) vs Selerino Islas Fuentes

Rivera wins via Unanimous Decision

Rivera fought with great heart, competing from bell to bell. He put together crisp combinations, displaying improvement in his technique from his debut fight.

Pablo Alvarez (Elmwood Park) vs Carlos Salvetti

Alvarez wins via Unanimous Decision

Alvarez Dominated all 3 rounds, with combinations and superior cardio. Like Rivera, Alvarez showed great improvement from his debut in the ring

Colin Tennyson (Williamsburg) vs Jocelyn Joseph

Tennyson wins via 2nd round TKO

Tennyson overcame a difficult 1st round, which saw him take a standing 8 count. Determined to win, Tennyson came out in the 2nd round on fire and dominated Joseph. Tennyson dropped his opponent and forced him to quit on the stool in between rounds to earn the TKO victory.

Andy Greenspan (N. Plainfield) vs Matthew Spellen

Greenspan wins via 2nd Round TKO

Greenspan took on Wing Chun stylist, Spellen, and earned a standing 8 count in both rounds 1 and 2. Greenspan’s performance was so dominate he made Spellen quit on the stool in between rounds to earn the TKO Victory.

Eric Solomon (Gramercy) vs John Marino

Contest ruled a Draw

Solomon made his debut for Team Tiger Schulmann’s, and quickly took the lead in the fight scoring a knock down in round 1. Solomon fought a complete fight but had to deal with a tricky opponent that kept falling down after throwing strikes. Judges awarded a rare Draw to the bout, but Solomon’s heart and determination were display throughout the 3 round affair.

Jorge Rivera (Middle Villiage) vs Jon Horrigan

Rivera wins via 2nd round KO

Rivera made quite the impression in his Team Tiger Schulmann’s Debut.  Given up a height and reach advantage to Horrigan, Rivera need a round to find his range. Once he settled in the 2nd round, Rivera delivered a perfect left hook that earned him a knockout victory.

Will Rivas (Syosset) vs Jorge Pitsakis

Pitsakis wins via Unanimous Decision

Rivas fought hard and showed improvement throughout the 3 rounds of competition. He came up short in the decision, but has a lot to be proud of with this performance.

Giovanny Cano (Englewood) vs Tommy Dessir

Dessir wins via 2nd Round TKO

Cano fought his heart out in this highly contest bout. Cano was in the fight for the full 3 rounds, and finished the fight with a strong 3rd round.

Malik Blake (Grammercy) vs Mike Jenkins (TITLE FIGHT)

Blake wins via via 2nd Round TKO

Blake Dominated the bout from start to finish. He showed that he was simply on another level than Jenkins scoring a standing 8 count in the 1st round. Blake worked the body in the 2nd round scoring another standing 8 count followed by a knock down that ended the fight. Blake retains his kickboxing championship.