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Middletown Instructor Personifies Self-Disicpline

Last Updated on October 24, 2013.

Passion For Martial Arts Since Start in Karate

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

John Evensen has been involved in Martial Arts for 20 years. His passion began in the early 1990’s when he walked into Tiger Schulmann’s Karate in East Brunswick, New Jersey. That passion hasn’t diminished since.

Early in his training Evensen realized this was his calling. He kept training in his normal classes but also received extra instruction from his Sensei to become a certified instructor. This title, Joshu, was extremely difficult to obtain. It was given directly by Tiger Schulmann to the select few students who demonstrated not only the technical ability to perform the curriculum, but also the discipline and motivational strength to teach others to do the same.

Sensei Evensen with his Middletown students after winning a competition!

Evensen shined in the program, earning the title of Joshu and eventually the title of Sensei or Senior Instructor, directly from Tiger Schulmann. This has led to a career teaching Martial Arts that has spanned more than 15 years.

Middletown Instructor Teaches Contemporary MMA With Discipline

Today he teaches Mixed Martial Arts to students young and old at his own school in Middletown, NJ.

While the style of Martial Arts has evolved in his time with Tiger Schulmann’s, the Self-Discipline he learned from his early days in Karate have stuck with him. It is the most important thing he tries to pass on to his young students.

Sensei Evensen’s Motivational Teaching Brings Whole Families to Class!

His own consistent training has allowed him to keep up with the rapid evolution of Martial Arts in the last two decades. He has passed this knowledge on to his students. Helping prepare them for a real world self-defense situation much more quickly than his own early Karate training.

Self-Discipline of Old School Karate Prepares Students for Success

Sensei Evensen hasn’t forgotten the most important thing he learned at Tiger Schulmann’s though. While learning Self-Defense is great for confidence, without Self-Discipline students will never learn much anyway.

The foundation of every class he teaches is Discipline. By providing a clear set of rules for his students they feel comfortable and achieve. Kids are encouraged positively to pay attention and persevere. If they are having trouble he helps them overcome the trouble instead of questioning their effort or getting frustrated. His patience as an instructor has been rewarded by the thousands of young students he has helped achieve their goals.

Kids Feel Comfortable Following Disciplined Class Format!

His record of success is amazing, having trained dozens of students to Black Belt. This rank is extremely difficult at Tiger Schulmann’s, with less than one percent of students who begin earning that rank. Even more impressive is the number of students Evensen has helped to become Joshu’s and even Sensei’s. His love of Martial Arts is as motivating to his students as his end of class stories.

Think your child could benefit from a teacher who builds focus, determination and Self-Disicpline? Call Tiger Schulmann’s in Middletown or register with the link on the top right of this page and try your first class with Sensei Evensen for free!