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Mike Ortiz – PA Caged Combat

Last Updated on November 14, 2011.

November 11, 2011 –

Allentown, Pennsylvania

The fight was a long time coming. Mike Ortiz is 5’4 and started training about a year ago with the goal of competing in the cage. He started training at the weight of 190 and cut to 149 lbs. His first round they squared off In the center where his opponent hit with a few jabs. Mike covered the distance and shot in for the takedown and kept pressure on him and got the single leg slam at the end of the first round. The crowd went crazy. His second round his opponent showed that he wasn’t giving up. Mike Ortiz used his grappling skill again taking him down and taking his back but ran out of time to finish. Mike looked over at his opponent and knew he had him. Shihan Simpson told him to go out and have fun being up by two rounds. Mike then chose to showcase his striking by hitting his opponent with a flurries of jabs crosses and hooks to the body and face. His opponent was stunned and the ref jumped in to stop it. The crowd went crazy and Shihan Simpson lifted him in victory . What a awesome show of skill. Congrats to Mike Ortiz and Team Tiger Schulmann.